Cleaning your pool: 10 mistakes not to make

The swimming pool is a leisure space with a very fragile balance. The slightest mistake can lead to consequences that are difficult to recover from. It is therefore better not to neglect anything and to respect the good cleaning procedures to enjoy the joys of swimming throughout the summer. Here are the top 10 mistakes not to make when maintaining your pond.

Mistake n°1: wait until the last moment to clean the pool

Many individuals like to enjoy their swimming pool throughout the summer. The days go by, the swims follow one another and the cleaning is postponed until later. However, this is a mistake, because the balance of the water in the pool can be very easily disturbed and it is more difficult to maintain during the bathing period, with temperature variations, the presence of bathers, sunscreen products, sweat and other miscellaneous residues.

It is indeed imperative to regularly clean and maintain the water in the pool to preserve its good state of health and fully enjoy swimming. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for the water to be cloudy, full of plant waste, dust, insects and algae to act. By regularly cleaning the pool with the robot, you continuously preserve its good balance, its good filtration and you prolong its use. It would indeed be a pity to deprive you of a few days of swimming for not having wanted to devote a few minutes a week to its maintenance!

Mistake n°2: not passing the brush

The pool vacuum cleans the pool well, but it is not enough. Indeed, the robot only sucks up the dirt present in the bathing water. It is therefore important to brush the walls, the bottom of the pool, the water line, the stairs and corners as well as the accessories on a regular basis to loosen the residues that have stuck to them and allow them to be eliminated by the robot. In high season, one or two brushings per week are sufficient and will only take a few minutes of your time. That’s a pittance when you consider that it allows you to enjoy healthier water all season long!

Mistake #3: Not Letting the Pump Run Continuously

When swimming, it is imperative to let the pump run continuously. Do not expect to save money by interrupting it from time to time, because you would spend much more money on treatment products to compensate for the resulting imbalance.

Indeed, in summer, the presence of bathers and a greater number of dirt (insects, plant residues, dust, various products) cloud the water. Let the pump run continuously to properly filter the water at all times. It will be cleaner and healthier.

Mistake #4: Not checking water quality

To preserve the fragile balance of the swimming pool, it is absolutely necessary not to neglect the control of the quality of the water. This negligence leaves the field open to bacteria and algae which develop very quickly and make the water unsuitable for swimming.

At least once a week, check the alkalinity level of the water, which should be between 80 ppm and 140 ppm, as well as the pH, which should fluctuate between 7 and 7.4 on average. Otherwise, readjust the measurements very quickly by adding the necessary products, otherwise you risk not only seeing your water cloudy, but also damaging your equipment. It would be a shame to deprive you of swimming in high season!

Mistake #5: Forgetting to treat the water

Above all, do not neglect the treatment of bathing water and its correct dosage. Chlorine, bromine or active oxygen are solutions necessary for the use of the pool. Without them, bacteria and algae grow in a few days and your water turns green, unsuitable for swimming.

Treating the water regularly is therefore essential and the correct dosage must be carried out and checked by frequent tests to avoid any imbalance linked to under-dosing or over-dosing. Make sure you always have treatment product on hand in order to act quickly in the event of an imbalance and always refer to the instructions for the product you are using, as these vary in terms of quantity and dosage from a manufacturer. to the other.

Mistake n°6: not dosing treatment products

Not treating your pool is a mistake, but treating it randomly is another! Do not neglect the dosage of your treatment product, otherwise it will not be effective and you will waste your money unnecessarily. An under-dosing is to be avoided to avoid untreated water, but an over-dosing is also to be avoided, because you risk damaging your equipment.

Always refer to the instructions for each product in order to add the right amount to your water. Be careful, because their concentration varies from one manufacturer to another, and even from one product to another. To avoid any errors, be attentive and cautious in your quantities in order to take better care of your bathing water.

Mistake #7: Mixing Products

Contrary to what one might think, it is not wise to mix different products for faster action. Each product works at its own pace and needs a certain context to take effect. Mixing products can cause a dangerous chemical reaction for bathers and pool equipment, not to mention that it can cloud the water and have the opposite effect than that intended.

It is better to take the initiative to prepare your pool on time and to be patient in order to let each product act at its own pace.

Mistake #8: Neglecting water temperature

The water temperature is not just a point of comfort, it must be carefully monitored so that it does not turn. Indeed, water that is too hot promotes the development of algae and bacteria. So be vigilant and do not hesitate to refresh it if necessary.

Mistake #9: Treating with chlorine at the wrong time

Treating your swimming pool with chlorine is an effective and healthy solution for bathing water. On the other hand, it must be done at the right time. Indeed, chlorine evaporates very quickly, which is why it is not recommended to pour it into the pool water during the day. For it to be fully effective, chlorinate the pool in the evening or at night.

Mistake #10: Clean the filter too much

In order for the water in the swimming pool to remain healthy and clean, it is important to equip yourself with a competent and well-sized filter and to maintain it regularly. Indeed, over time, the filter retains dirt and when it is too clogged, its action is ineffective. However, it is not recommended to clean it too often, because when it is too clean, it retains microscopic dirt less well. Not to mention that this cleaning consumes a lot of water and is therefore not very ecological.

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