Cockroaches and roaches: what are the signs of their presence at home?

Cockroaches and cockroaches are a bit like rats and all other parasites: we dread them in our interiors. In general, they are introduced because we left food products or because we brought them back in our vacation luggage. If you have them in your home, act fairly quickly before avoiding any proliferation. Because cockroaches and cockroaches are invasive. But where do they really come from? And what is the way to recognize cockroaches and fight them effectively?

The terms ‘cockroach’ or ‘cockroach’ are generic terms for a whole range of different insect species. Some cockroaches are rather small, less than 15 millimeters in length and their wings cover their entire body, others are a little longer and darker, others are even larger – they also have wings, they are able to fly. The majority of cockroaches or cockroaches that we find at our latitudes are insects which, although equipped with wings, cannot fly. They can only jump and break a fall with their wings. Larger cockroaches can fly, but rarely do. However, on the ground, all species, whatever they are, can move extremely quickly. This family of insects has in common to live hidden, to avoid the light and, therefore, to be active in the dark. Cockroaches live in relatively large social groups, so it’s important to act quickly when you find them, as an infestation is usually invasive – that is, cockroaches spread at lightning speed, even in unfavorable conditions. . If you’re battling cockroaches and cockroaches, you need action throughout your home. Since cockroaches avoid light and live in hiding, the infestation is usually larger than it first appears. Generally, if you see a cockroach, there are already 200 others in your house. They consume rotting food as well as paper, leather and other textiles. They can cause allergies, eczema and severe asthma. They can also carry germs and parasites, for example salmonella, gastroenteritis, tuberculosis and cholera. Due to the good hygienic conditions in our region, however, this situation is unlikely to occur because animals only transport pathogens.

Where do cockroaches and cockroaches come from?

Cockroaches are actually found in nature in warmer regions. In temperate latitudes they were introduced, that is, they followed man to get more food. So when suddenly you see cockroaches and roaches running around on your kitchen floor, a question arises: where did they come from? Often they just enter your home through doors and windows, but cockroaches and roaches can also enter through cracks and crevices in your masonry.

Where do cockroaches and cockroaches usually live?

The hiding places of cockroaches and cockroaches are quite simple: dark corners. This can be around sewage pipes, along cables, near air conditioning or heating pipes. You can also find them behind a household appliance like a refrigerator or an oven. Cockroaches and cockroaches also take refuge under floors or baseboards. And you can also find it in your wooden furniture or in the drawers of clothes, paper and other objects. Once inside these hiding places, cockroaches and roaches multiply without you noticing them right away.

How to recognize cockroaches and cockroaches?

To spot cockroaches, just open your eyes. If you see them, alive or dead, it is because they are present in your home. If you come across some kind of translucent skin, that can also be a sign as it is a remnant of their skin. Cockroaches and cockroaches can also spot their droppings – which can look like coffee grounds smeared on your walls. If the infestation is heavy, you can spot it by the characteristic odor. Otherwise, the simplest thing is obvious traces on your textiles or food products. If, for example, you notice holes in your food packaging, this could be a sign.

How to fight cockroaches and cockroaches?

There are simple ways to prevent the arrival of cockroaches or cockroaches. First, store your food in airtight containers. Your jars and boxes should have lids. Thoroughly clean all your surfaces, floors, inside and outside of your cupboards. Then fill in any small cracks. Finally, if they are already there, you can fight cockroaches and roaches by using bay leaves or pepper which act as a natural barrier. You can also mix baking soda and sugar to make a cockroach and cockroach trap. Mix equal parts baking soda and sugar and sprinkle the powder throughout the house. Cockroaches will be attracted to sugar and will eat it. The baking soda or the gases produced will then kill cockroaches and cockroaches. If there are too many insects and you are literally overrun, you can call a professional, who will use other more radical baits and solutions. Professional cockroach and cockroach traps can pose health risks to pets, babies or pregnant women. But these will obviously warn you before acting.

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