Safety rules to follow when changing a chandelier or light fixture

Tackling electrical installations, whether simply to change your lights or to install a chandelier, requires following safety instructions, with a view to avoiding fatal accidents. Security instructions In the field of lighting, it is essential, even vital, to respect safety rules. The vast majority of domestic accidents are actually caused by electricity. It is necessary … Read more

What is a circuit breaker? Quotations and prices for the installation of an electrical panel !

When you proceed with the construction, renovation or maintenance of a building, whether it is for residential or commercial use, it is always essential to take care of the electrical installation. Among the things to pay particular attention to are the circuit breaker. Electrical work estimate, free and without obligation! What is a … Read more

How to save electricity on lights at home ?

Electricity expenditure weighs heavily on household budgets. The lights in the house are a big contributor to those energy bills. However, there are many simple actions to take to control your electricity consumption and allow you to make substantial savings. Apply common sense rules to save electricity from house lights If you want to … Read more

What is the Consuel ? Is it mandatory for the electrical installation of a private individual ?

The Consuel is a national committee recognized as being of public utility since 1998. It verifies then certifies the compliance of electrical installations. In the case of non-compliant installations, actions are implemented for the preservation of property but also and more for maintain the safety of people. Let’s discover the history of the Consuel, its … Read more