The pros and cons of steel roofing and the cost of installation

The roof must be kept in perfect condition because it is what protects the whole house. It therefore greatly contributes to the comfort and safety of the occupants. No question of neglecting it. It must be cleaned regularly, treated, waterproofed, but also unclog certain elements and change defective parts without delay. Cleaning and maintaining … Read more

How to install a shingle roof on a garage or a garden shed

The gutters and the gutters are two essential objects in a construction, since both make it possible to collect the rainwater which pours on the roof and to evacuate them towards conduits provided for this purpose. Nevertheless, these two elements that preserve the quality of the roof are very different, both in their form, their … Read more

What is a roof board?

The gutter plays an important role in evacuating water from the roofs of carports, garden sheds or terraces. It prevents the accumulation of water, its stagnation and allows rainwater to flow properly. Different materials are available to you when choosing your gutter. Zinc and plastic models are particularly popular. Here is a closer look at … Read more