How to treat saltpetre on walls ? Intervention and rates !

Appearing on walls prone to moisture, the saltpetre must be treated as soon as possible to prevent the damage from spreading over the entire structure, thus tending to weaken it. The solutions to combat this phenomenon are numerous, some are preventive while others are curative. Saltpeter treatment quote – Free and without obligation! The … Read more

Double flow ventilation: functioning pros cons installation costs

The Controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC) double flow is a ventilation system created to improve the quality of ambient air in the home and, in addition, to save energy. Its principle is simple since this device evacuates stale and humid air from the interior to the exterior, and breathes new, healthier air into the home from … Read more

Reversible air conditioning: advice choice and price!

Faced with very strong market competition and a profusion of models, choosing the right reversible air conditioning can be difficult. There are several devices, which can meet all needs. From the fixed to the mobile model, from the simple to the multi-room, from the visible unit to the one discreetly integrated into the ceiling, there … Read more