What are the differences between a modern and a contemporary at home ?

In the field of architecture, there is an extremely frequent misuse of language due to a lack of knowledge of styles, with many consumers confusing modern houses with contemporary houses. They are both very different and linked, and that’s what we’re going to see here. Modern house: simplification and functionality The first modern houses appeared … Read more

How to choose your home builder ?

Are you embarking on a new home construction project? Know that for this, you will have to choose a builder of individual house. This essential choice should not be left to chance or conditioned by the price, but by the skills, the know-how and the security of a suitable construction contract. Don’t leave your project … Read more

Connections and servicing of a new at home: what costs and what steps to take?

As part of the construction of a new house, it is essential to provide the necessary connections. The house must indeed be connected to the drinking water network, to electricity, to the telephone, and sometimes to gas and to the mains drainage system or, failing that, to be equipped with a device for individual sanitation. … Read more

The different types of individual sanitation or ANC

When you choose to build a new house on isolated land not connected to the public collective sanitation network, the famous mains drainage, it is necessary to use an individual sanitation system to treat the polluted waters of his home. They are called the ANC for non-collective sanitation. Discover the different existing systems and their … Read more