What is a septic tank ? Maintenance installation price and quote!

Even if today, we do not build many septic tanks, many homes and establishments are still equipped with them. Regular maintenance is necessary for this sanitation system to work well. Septic tank estimate – Free and without obligation! Septic tank: what is it? The septic tank is a non-collective anaerobic device whose function is … Read more

Water purifier : what is its use ? How to choose it ?

The water purifier is essential if you want to drink pleasant tap water, but that’s not all because this device offers many advantages to its user. It comes in different models so that choosing a water purifier requires determining your needs before purchase. It is also necessary to distinguish the purifier from the softener. If … Read more

Septic tank: operation and maintenance of this sanitation system

The septic tank is par excellence the “all-terrain” system for sanitizing toilet waste water. It gives the full measure of its usefulness in rural areas without a collective wastewater collector. Prohibited for sale in new or renovation since the law on water of December 30, 2006, these devices are replaced by the septic tanks, also … Read more

All-water tank: operation pros cons and construction costs

The all-water pit is the main element of an individual domestic wastewater treatment system. This is the most widespread alternative solution, in the absence of a network of sewage. Be careful however, the connection to a collective sanitation system passing nearby remains obligatory. Operation of the all-water pit The septic tank is a 3,000 to … Read more

Phyto-purification or lagooning: functioning pros cons costs

The phyto├ępuration is the generic name for all the ecosystems capable of ridding a site soiled by organic, mineral or, to some extent, chemical pollution. More commonly intended for industrial use or for equipping small and medium-sized communities, phytopurifiers can constitute ecological solutions accessible to autonomous private sanitation. In this dossier, we will deal more … Read more

Micro purification station: operation pros cons and costs

The small wastewater treatment plant is a private autonomous device for the collection and treatment of domestic wastewater. It carries out, by a biological process, all the sewage and gray water purification sequences. It is the non-collective sanitation installation requiring the smallest land area. System limits The non-collective sanitation by microstation accept all the waste … Read more

How does the pump work and when should it be used?

The lift pump is the driving force of a lifting stationwhose role is to temporarily store a fluid before transporting it to a circuit located above. In the usual language of building and public works (BTP), the expression is used interchangeably to designate the hydraulic pump alone or the entire lifting device. Versatile, these devices … Read more