Which air conditioning system to choose for the at home ?

The air conditioning is the ideal solution to enjoy a pleasant freshness inside the house during the summer. The excessive summer heat of recent years having clearly contributed to the development of the air conditioner, manufacturers have continued to innovate to offer a ever more efficient and energy-efficient air conditioninge. Here are some ways … Read more

Hemp what are the particularities of this insulator? How to install it ?

To be confortable, the house must be perfectly insulated. But a good insulation also allows tosave energy. To do this, we can use hemp, a dicotyledonous plant that belongs to the family of Cannabaceae. Hemp thus enters into the composition of materials used in building, both for construction and for renovation, because it is a … Read more

Insulating walls from the outside : how to do it ? What is the cost?

Insulating your house from the outside is a commonly applied technique because it allows you toincrease considerably home comfort while generating energy savings. This is due to the fact that this type of insulation is perfect for eliminate thermal bridges while making the more aesthetic building. There are different solutions to insulate your walls from … Read more