When should you think about replacing your windows? Our advice!

Windows are subject to the brunt of climatic variations. Wind, sun, rain, hail but also cold and heat end up weakening or even degrading the carpentry. Over the years, in addition to becoming unsightly, windows have lost their energy efficiency. The time has therefore come to replace old windows with new, more efficient ones. … Read more

Armored entrance door : how to choose it ? How much does it cost for a new house or a renovation ?

In nearly 8 out of 10 cases, burglars break into homes (or business premises) through the front door to commit their misdeed. In order to protect their place of life or work against these irruptions, more and more individuals and professionals decide to install an armored door. This high security door has advantages on many … Read more

What is the purpose of window ventilators? Why do they have to be clean?

With the exception of dwellings equipped with a dual-flow VMC (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation), a house or apartment must be equipped with joinery allowing the ventilation of each room, namely windows with aerators. Let’s see what exactly they are for and what is the best solution to clean them without any difficulty. What is a window … Read more