Deck flooring: recommended materials pros and cons

Summer is coming and you want to enjoy your terrace. It is indeed the ideal place, between house and garden, to share good convivial moments around a meal with family and friends or a relaxing break. Unfortunately, you have the feeling that it is unattractive, aging and in need of new amenities. Do not panic ! Here are 5 simple ideas to revamp it without breaking the bank!

Idea n°1: we think of the ground!

Whether the floor of your terrace is made of tiles, wood, stone, concrete or any other material, a good simple renovation is essential! Start with a good post-winter cleaning, this may be enough to give it a good boost of freshness. Arm yourself with a push broom and black soap diluted in lukewarm water and wash well to remove stains, moss, fungus and mold. Remove all dead leaves and various residues to obtain a clean and healthy terrace.

If your deck is made of wood, you can give it a bit of freshness by applying a shine-enhancing product or a sober, after having repaired the cracks and holes with wood putty. Very easy to use, they apply with a simple brush and dry in a few hours. New effect guaranteed!

If the floor of your terrace is made of another material and you don’t like it despite having been cleaned, decorate it to give it a new, different shine. Think of the wooden gratings which are very simply placed on all surfaces and provide natural warmth. The outdoor carpet option is also very interesting. These durable rugs, designed to withstand the effects of UV and weather, bring color and refreshing style to your floor. Plain, coloured, patterned, flashy or more discreet, choose the style that suits you best!

Idea n°2: we think of plants!

Plants are a good way to bring a touch of nature and life to a terrace. Floral or not, they come in such a range of shapes, colors, sizes and styles that they are enough to create a pleasant atmosphere while meeting all desires!

Put plants on the ground in varying sizes and hang them high, hang them on the walls, put them on supports, etc. Think of conifers that stay green all year round, climbing plants that dress your walls and vary the flowering plants to enjoy beautiful colors. Some are also very practical, such as geranium, a beautiful flowering plant that keeps mosquitoes away!

Also play on the decorative aspect with plant pots. Choose colorful or wicker models, braided rope, etc. You can also express your creative desires by painting and decorating your terracotta pots yourself.

Idea n° 3: we think of the furniture!

You can renew your garden furniture to bring a new decorative touch to your terrace. There are very beautiful outdoor lounges in flashy or pastel colors, magnificent lounges in wood, wicker, etc. Some are very inexpensive and change from white plastic lounges that turn yellow over time.

If you prefer to keep your furniture, you can completely repaint it to give it a second life. There are paints suitable for all materials and in a wide range of colors. A simple and low-budget trick for a guaranteed youthful effect!

Finally, there is the recovery option. Pallets are very fashionable. Collect a few, assemble them, paint them or leave them raw and you will get a beautiful, original and trendy garden furniture!

Idea n°4: think of cushions and fabrics!

These simple and inexpensive accessories are perfect for giving a youthful look to an aging terrace. Equip your sofas, armchairs and/or chairs with pretty matching or variegated cushions, arrange plaids on your sofas, a tablecloth on your table, hang a colorful hammock or draperies, etc. Ideas abound. A nice floor mat can also make all the difference!

Idea n°5: we think of the lights!

To create a magical and cozy atmosphere on your terrace, think about lighting. Very trendy, they are perfect for giving it a facelift at a lower cost. Install light garlands in warm and colorful tones, put a floor lamp in a corner, sprinkle your table with candles, etc. Vary the light sources for your summer evenings!

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