Decorating your bathroom: 10 practical tips for success!

1 – Take the time to reflect

Allow enough time in advance. Whether it’s a renovation or a new construction, if you’re planning a new bathroom decor, it’s important to be clear about what you want. Tell yourself that in general, a bathroom decoration “lasts” between 15 and 20 years.

So an error in the choice of tiles can have consequences: take the time to plan your new bathroom decoration. If necessary, draw a sketch or even a plan, either on paper or on a computer. This allows you to become aware of the real space you have and allows you to avoid past mistakes or on the contrary to reproduce what you liked previously. See if you want to connect your bathroom to your bedroom or if you want to make your bathroom or guest bathroom. Play around with the different options available to you: now is the time to do it.

2 – Analyze your mode of use

Analyze your needs. Who and how many people will use this bathroom? Because it is very different to envisage a bathroom for two rather than a family bathroom where the children must also be able to feel good there. It’s the same thing in the case of an elderly or disabled person: each occupant must be able to feel at home there. In the latter case, it is important to pay attention to the choice of bathroom furniture for the shower and toilet, as well as barrier-free access.

3 – Get inspired in store or via the Internet and magazines

Spend time in stores, on the internet, or flipping through magazines for inspiration. If you are clear on how you are going to use this bathroom, you can look for patterns. In modern bathrooms, it is not mandatory to place the bathtub along the wall. It can be central. The low walls also have a very contemporary side. They can be used as a screen or splash guard for the shower. Also visit the stores where the bathrooms are displayed. Finding yourself physically in a real setting can give you other ideas, allow you other solutions. If you don’t know of any such place, ask your plumber. He may give you the name of his wholesaler, which will allow you to go and see the bathtubs, sinks, toilets, etc.

4 – Write down your cravings, even the craziest ones

Write a wish list. Make a list of what you want in your bathroom. What accessories do you have in mind? Would you perhaps like a double sink with lots of storage space? Or a walk-in shower? Could you do without a bathtub to save space? Have you always dreamed of underfloor heating? And what about a spa bath, sauna or steam room?

5 – Take a long look at the question of light

Take the time to analyze the lighting in your bathroom. Do you have daylight in your bathroom? Were you satisfied with the way your previous bathroom was lit? If yes, what did you like? Do you prefer direct or indirect light and accent lighting above the washbasin? Think carefully about how you are going to light your mirror because it is better that there is no shadow when you look at your reflection.

6 – Choose the right tile

The right floor covering is a real subject in itself. Planning to install tiling is important. What tile do you want? Be careful not to give in too quickly to very colorful and original tiles because your tastes may change. And you might get tired of a tile that lacks subtlety. It is probably better to opt for a so-called timeless tile.

7 – Address the issue of multimedia

A large flat screen in your bathroom? Not really. Although there are. But maybe you want to listen to music in your bath or the radio in your shower. Think carefully about the electrical connection. Electrical outlets should not be too few. And if you opt for Bluetooth speakers (which also exist with rechargeable batteries). These can be placed anywhere and require no installation effort. And then if you go further in the smart and connected home, you can find out how to easily control the heating, the lighting… from your bathtub for example!

8 – Don’t forget the comfort

Prioritizing the functionality and practical aspect of the bathroom does not mean forgetting about comfort. In recent years, bathrooms are more like spas or wellness institutes. Comfort is an important issue here. Natural materials like wood, plenty of daylight, beautiful textiles and soft, muted colors flatter the senses. To add warmth, you can install a bath. And even parquet, it is no longer a heresy to make this choice of flooring in your bathroom. It has almost become a must!

9 – Ask for quotes

This gives you an idea of ​​the prices and allows you to have no unpleasant surprises at the end of the service. It’s always interesting to have several proposals. Of course, the cheapest provider is not necessarily the best!

10 – Think of everything!

Do not forget. Here are all the points summarized below:

  • Don’t rush planning your bathroom.
  • Why a new bathroom?
  • What is the available space? If necessary, make a plan.
  • Who will be using your bathroom?
  • Consult models for your new bathroom, get inspiration from magazines or the Internet.
  • What wishes should the new bathroom fulfill?
  • How should your bathroom be lit?
  • What tile are you considering?
  • What if your bathroom lent itself to multimedia and connected?
  • Request and get multiple quotes.

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