Decorating your Christmas tree: what are the trends of the year?

The Advent calendar, the door wreath, the socks above the fireplace, the gifts, the log… Among all these Christmas essentials, the essential element for its interior: the tree! While the little ones are busy writing the letter to Santa Claus, the older ones are already thinking about decorating the tree! So heading towards Christmas and on your notepads, we give you this year’s trend!

Before talking about decoration, let’s talk about the tree!

Nothing beats the charm of an illuminated Christmas tree in your living room to give it an enchanted and cocooning atmosphere. You still have to choose the tree that will suit your interior.

The natural tree

You might as well start the list with authenticity! The natural fir tree, “the real fir tree”, the one that loses its thorns and that you don’t have to go buy too late if you want it in perfect proportions, still has as many followers. Among the many existing varieties, here are the favorites of Christmas.


With a deep green, very bushy and balanced, its perfect pyramidal proportions make it the most common Christmas tree. The downside is that he quickly loses his needles. For the most connoisseurs, the emblematic tree at Rockefeller Center in New York is a giant Spruce that attracts many tourists during the holiday season. Its highlighting is also formalized at the end of November each year.

The northern fir

It has qualities similar to those of Spruce, except that it does not lose its needles. Originally from Russia, it is becoming rarer among our merchants in France.

The noble fir

Quite rare, only a nurseryman can offer it to you. It has the same qualities as its peers, but offers less regular branching. Its icy blue color and woody scent will amaze you.

For an eco-responsible Christmas, note that French producers grow certified organic fir trees, which have not undergone any chemical treatment, and have been grown with respect for the soil, fauna and flora.

The synthetic tree

It has obviously also made its place in the market. Thorns that do not fall, a regularity in its forms, different colors, which are stored and brought out each year; the artificial tree is popular, especially in apartments or in small spaces, but also from an economic point of view. For the less creative, some are even sold already decorated.

The wooden tree

It’s the new kid on the block in recent years, driven by the fashion for Di It Yourself and by the need to return to nature associated with the charm of purity. The wooden fir tree is unique, ecological, durable and very stylish.

Trending styles this year

Sober or extravagant, natural, eco-responsible or synthetic, homemade or commercial decoration, all tastes are allowed to make the tree the design and warm element of the living room to remind us of all the magic of Christmas.


When it comes to colors this year, two opposites attract: natural versus extravagant!

The Scandinavian, the good match!

In terms of decoration, the Scandinavian always pleases as much. Its refined colors for a cosy, minimalist and sober style win general support, even on the decoration of the tree. The natural trend makes it a rustic style par excellence. For this decoration, we will move towards a set of materials in pale colors, such as raw or bleached wood, linen ribbons, cotton balls.

Gold or silver, good to marry

For the magic of Christmas to work, it has to shine a little all the same! Combine gold with red, white or black, or silver with black or blue and white: just as many colors that go together perfectly.

The safe bet, the traditional red and green

Despite this asserted desire to break the codes this year, the traditional tree in red and green colors remains in trend as an unbeatable. To modernize it while remaining in the traditional spirit, we will add some wooden decorations that will go perfectly with these two more marked colors.


The garlands

Of course, the traditional wreath is still very popular with Christmas decorators and it will work again this year. But the trend is to… decrease? No, to the removal of garlands. Scandinavian-style hanging units will appreciate having exclusivity on the tree, in a refined spirit. On the other hand, do not deprive yourself of the light garland which will highlight the decorative elements and will bring a warm touch to the long December evenings.

Balls and other suspended elements

With the feeling of a somewhat sacrificed Christmas 2020, that of 2021 promises to be extravagant! So why not swap the traditional Christmas balls for a completely different style: ribbons, cotton balls, pine cones, bells, fake candles or snow globes. And to go even further, why not Christmas biscuits suspended in their transparent bag or barley candies. What could be more original than a decoration to taste!

For a tree worthy of Park Avenue, a few tips

When it comes to design, you have to be careful to avoid the “fashion faux pas”, right? Some tips and mistakes to avoid:

    • location and size : These two criteria go hand in hand. First define the ideal location in your interior and choose the size of the tree according to the space it will have; this to give your tree the privilege of being highlighted without invading you. Also, remember to properly stabilize the tree. It will remain in your interior for a month, you must ensure that it is still.


    • The light decoration : It must be positioned first so that the other decorative elements hide the wires and the power supply. Install it starting from the top of the tree to the lowest branches. Finally, think about the colors of your other decorations before choosing it. Indeed, the warmer yellow tone, the colder white or the multicolored LEDs will have to blend harmoniously with the other elements.


    • Placement of suspended elements : Be careful not to position them too low on the tree to highlight it well, and avoid the risk of capsizing due to the uneven weight. Finally, not placing your items too low can dissuade your little furry friend from coming to have fun with your decoration. Well maybe…


    • The tops : Well if, forgetting it will be noticed! It is essential to top it off! Here again, the imagination is allowed, from the traditional star to the snowflake, the angel or the knot.


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