Decorating your kitchen: 10 practical tips for success!

Did you spruce up your kitchen? No need to replace it completely, especially since the budget can be substantial. Treat yourself to a new kitchen by making it both more beautiful and practical. Here are 10 decorating tips.

1 – Sort

Fewer kitchen utensils does not mean less tasty food! On the contrary: less clutter in the kitchen often makes handling easier, which makes it possible to create wonderful dishes. So sort out anything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen or that bothers you. Large utensils or pieces that you rarely use can be moved to other cupboards or stored in the basement or attic. And what you no longer need, you can sell or throw away. In short, exit the bread machine you don’t use, the jars without lids, the containers with a broken handle… A nice, tidy kitchen is better. An order update is therefore good for every kitchen. Cutlery is best stored around the dishwasher or sink and cooking utensils around the stove. Think about how you use your kitchen every day!

2 – Change color

Make a clean sweep of the past and change the color of your walls. Practical for transforming a kitchen at a lower cost. If you don’t feel like painting, you can just dab in some color. Add cushions to your seats and wrap them in colorful covers. Add or change your curtains or treat yourself to blinds. Remember to renew your tea towels or small accessories such as your potholders or trivets. Replace the handles of your kitchen cupboards: it’s a small object but can have a big effect. Place a pretty bouquet of fresh flowers or a basket of fresh fruit prominently.

3 – Rethink lighting

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen – so it’s important that the light there is beautiful and practical. Designer lamps immediately give your kitchen a more refined look. And LED bulbs save you electricity. So go into your kitchen and look around: where could the lighting be improved? Where is there perhaps a total lack of light? Which lamps do you prefer, which could be replaced with new ones? Where can old light sources be replaced with new, more economical ones?

4 – Invest in a new faucet and sink

How about changing your kitchen faucet? It is a detail that is important. It doesn’t even have to be an expensive faucet. A simple mixer tap with a rinse hose will make your kitchen work easier and faster. And while you’re at it, take the opportunity to install a new sink, which is practical and elegant. Admittedly, the kitchen sink cannot be replaced as easily as the mixer – especially if you do not opt ​​for the same sink size as before.

5 – Treat yourself to new dishes

Do you like to cook for yourself, your family or your friends? Then you are going to have fun with new kitchen equipment. Do you choose pretty plates or new glasses, if you feel like it. Not only because your open cabinets will look more chic this way, but also because you will appreciate this novelty when setting the table. And your old dishes? Give them away, donate them to charities or thrift stores, or stash them away for your next big occasion.

6 – Display your groceries and cookbooks

Showing off great ingredients and produce in your kitchen is another inexpensive way to spruce it up. To you the baskets of colorful fruits and vegetables, the jars with pasta, the bottles of oil nicely arranged. You will see: food presented in a tasty way brings a lot of color and warmth to your room. Do the same with your cookbooks. Some are gorgeous! Even if you prefer to read your recipes on your mobile phone or tablet, consider that cookbooks are simply perfect as decorative objects!

7 – Grow aromatic herbs

Fresh herbs bring both life, fragrance and color to your kitchen. All you need is some light, soil, seeds and pots – ideally one for each plant so that it has enough space. Basil is the darling. Basil is the favorite herb for many tomato dishes or as an addition to salads, sauces and pesto. He loves heat and bright light, so it is better to place it on the south or west window. Mint is excellent in drinks, salads or desserts. It is easy to grow but needs space. You can also grow oregano which is a staple in Italian cooking and grows well in medium to bright light.

8 – Dress up your tables and chairs

It is several times a day that you find yourself around your table so why not cover it and cover your seats with cushions? If this is really not possible, completely change the table and chairs! Otherwise, you have the possibility of decorating with objects reminiscent of the world of cooking: treat yourself with a pretty restaurant sign, with a menu with beautiful photos of your favorite dishes… Remember to choose objects and colors that you love and that you will never tire of.

9 – Invest in new electrical appliances

Does your oven make strange noises? Your coffee no longer tastes good? It’s time to change oven and coffee machine. Beyond the practical investment, new kitchen appliances are decorative objects. And they are not the most expensive the most beautiful! In any case, it is important to consider before buying: does the device really make sense for your kitchen? Is it necessary ?

10 – Put your personality in your kitchen

Personal decoration is always the most beautiful. It tells your story and reflects your tastes. So bring items traditionally reserved for other rooms into your kitchen. Display your own photos rather than those from the stores. Paint the furniture the color that suits you. Hunt around, visit flea markets, buy second-hand rather than standardized items from big brands.

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