Decoration : how to enhance your wood stove ?

The wood stove is an ecological heating device that deserves a place of choice in the interior universe because it is no less a decorative element. In recent years, manufacturers have extensively reworked the design of the different types of wood stoves so that they blend in with both classic and contemporary decor. There are many ways to enhance it in order to make it one of the key elements of interior decoration.

Wood stove: a creator of atmosphere

When choosing a wood-burning stove, of course, great attention is paid to its performance, its impact on the environment and whether or not it is economical. But there is another important selection criterion: its look, and the ease with which it will fit into the interior decoration. You can therefore opt for a very discreet model or, on the contrary, succumb to an imposing wood stove, with a strong, even totally atypical character. Whether with or without flue, colored or with very sober tones, small or imposing, the wood stove deserves a place of choice because it is a true creator of atmosphere.

Search for perfect harmony

In the living room, kitchen, office or bathroom, the wood stove generally does not go unnoticed. You might as well highlight it in order to make it a decorative element in its own right. The models are so numerous and so different in terms of look, that you can always find the wood stove in perfect harmony with your interior design. In any case, there are many ways to integrate it into your home so that it brings the original touch that personalizes a living space.

Play the card of contrasts

To structure a flat room, with light furniture and coverings, choosing a wood stove in dark tones is an excellent idea. This breaks with the monotony. For example, a black wood-burning stove creates a harmonious contrast if placed near a white leather sofa or a raw oak desk. Similarly, marriage with a glass table can be just as successful.

Highlight curves

In the field of decoration, curves bring a certain visual softness, both elegant and reassuring. Round mirror, round bed, bull’s eye, barrel table, arched door or oval desk are all solutions that perfectly meet this desire for delicacy. The wood stove is no exception to the rule because there are many models that are completely round or whose hearth is not straight at all. This type of stove can be installed in the heart of an Urban chic loft, whose main characteristics are the mixture of styles and the strong presence of metal. With these slightly feminine curves, the wood stove brings softness and elegance to a fairly masculine and ultra-straight universe.

Enhance a wood stove in a small or large room

The wood stove is suitable for all universes. It can be placed in a small room as well as in a huge space.

A wood-burning stove for a small space

If it is intended for a small space, the wood stove should not be too imposing. In addition, it is better to avoid placing it in the center of the room where it may clutter the place and end up being annoying. Moreover, with this central mass, the desired visual effect would not be very successful because the part would seem even smaller. On the contrary, you can place your wood stove:

  • In one corner of the room,
  • Against a wall,
  • Embedded in the wall,
  • Suspended from a wall.

To enhance it, all you have to do is paint the supporting wall in a tone that is in perfect harmony with the stove. It’s up to everyone to choose what they like the most: tone on tone or on the contrary contrasting.

A wood stove in a huge room

This type of configuration leaving room for audacity, it is very easy to install a sculptural wood stove. It can be wall-mounted, free-standing, suspended or even central. Some designers even offer a fireplace stove with the most beautiful effect.

In this type of spacious environment, do not hesitate to install the wood stove in the center of the room, placed on the floor or suspended depending on the model chosen. Thus, the heat is perfectly diffused throughout the space, and the emphasis is on conviviality. Perfectly enhanced, the stove then has no other effect than to encourage family and friends to settle nearby to enjoy absolute comfort and revel in the crackling of the fire.

A wood-burning stove in an old fireplace

Insofar as the installation of the heating appliance is carried out according to the rules of the art by a professional to ensure safety, the wood stove can be placed in a chimney that is no longer in good condition. activity. The work entails a substantial expense, but the end result is very aesthetic.

A wood-burning stove in a veranda

In a large veranda, the wood stove can be placed in front of one of the many bay windows which open onto a beautifully planted outdoor space. This configuration highlights the wood stove and gives the impression that it is fully integrated into the structure. For faultless, we offer a stove whose color is identical to that of the frame of the bays and in this area, everything is possible: white, black, red, blue… It is up to everyone to create the universe that looks like them. .

The wide range in which the wood stove is available leaves all possibilities for interior design. People who lack inspiration can find ideas in showrooms and trade fairs (decoration, housing) or from specialists who install wood stoves. These professionals have an advisory role and can guide their customers towards the models of stoves that best meet their needs in terms of heating but also their aesthetic expectations.

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