False ceiling a practical and decorative alternative to the original ceiling

The false ceiling, also known as the suspended ceiling, has become a symbol of modernity and sophistication today. But there are different kinds of false ceilings that are found in our interiors. The different types of false ceilings The false ceiling comes in many forms depending on its use, the materials used, its appearance and … Read more

Feng Shui: definition and application for the decoration of the at home

Feng Shui, ancient Chinese art, literally means vent (Feng) it eau (Shui). These two opposite entities must balance each other to establish harmonious relationships, maintain good health, attract prosperity to the home. Applied to the home, the principles of Feng Shui impose a specific organization because a good orientation of the pieces of furniture, the … Read more

Sea rush : what are its characteristics in which room should it be placed ?

Aesthetic, natural, durable, ecological… the advantages of seagrass are no longer to be boasted about, because this floor covering made from the weaving of an aquatic plant has everything to seduce and is more and more widespread! Easy to install and maintain, it can be installed anywhere in the house, including in damp rooms. Naturally … Read more