Designing a small living room: our ideas tips and tricks

The development of a small living room requires reflection so that the space is perfectly optimized and aesthetic. At the price per square meter, no one wants to waste space. However, the room should not be cluttered with furniture and decor because it would seem even more cramped. There are many tips for arranging a small living room and making it a real cocoon, functional, bright and which seems bigger than it really is.

The choice of furniture for small living room

The furniture should not be bulky. We therefore avoid the massive couch placed in the center of the room because it risks visually making the living room even smaller. The ideal is to opt for a corner sofa placed in a corner of the room to free up the central space. This avoids combining sofa and armchairs. But we can totally fall for a 2 or 3 seater sofa provided it is of great sobriety, so discreet. Anyway, the good idea is to favor the sofa on legs – these can be in light wood or chrome – and in light-coloured fabric because it gives an impression of lightness.

It is accompanied by a nesting table. It is a set of three elements of different sizes that slide under each other when not in use, which reduces clutter. The nesting table is also versatile what decorative. It’s really the perfect solution in a small living room where a classic coffee table really has no place… precisely because it takes up too much!

If you want to add a library and the essential TV stand, here again it is preferable not to think big so as not to nibble too much on the little space that remains. one or two minimalist shelves fixed to the wall are enough and the low TV cabinet of reasonable dimensions is best suited. This also involves choosing a Reasonably sized TV. Note that the TV perhaps wall mounted which frees up floor space since in this case, the dedicated piece of furniture no longer has to be.

As to ideal material for the furniture of a small living room, it is the glass. Timeless, it adapts to all styles (old, classic, contemporary, design), brings a touch of refinement and knows how to be forgotten thanks to its transparency which lets light through. Glass is therefore perfect so as not to visually overload the room. In addition, it is very easy to maintain. But the wood lover have the opportunity to indulge themselves by buying sober living room furniture and if possible in clear wood who will be able to play the card of discretion while bringing to the room a note ofauthenticity.

A refined decoration so as not to overload a small living room

In a living room with a small area, the less cluttered the walls and furniture, the better. We are therefore not transforming this room into a museum. Two decorative elements are enough, for example a mirror and one tableau whose frame can be in glass, light wood or rattan.

The same principle applies to trinkets. A pretty vase everything in transparency to accommodate a bouquet of fresh flowers is preferable to a whole collection of heterogeneous objects which unnecessarily overload shelves, coffee table and TV cabinet.

To punctuate the decoration of a small living room, it is quite wise to put colorful pillows on the sofa or even to install printed curtains which brings a warm touch, whether they are folded up or pulled out. Pay attention to the colors of the carpet which, again, imply being in the right measure. A rope rug is well suited.

The colors to favor in a small living room

Whether on the walls, the floor, but also in terms of furniture, we preferably choose the candy without opting for the sanitized white that one can legitimately consider too cold, without soul. Better to show temperance rather than creating aggressive contrasts anything goes, like a black and white checkerboard for example, which on the other hand is sublime in a large room or a spacious entrance hall. The trend is to cozy universe where you feel good, because they are both full of delicacy and relaxing.

We can absolutely blend the tones linen and chocolate or taupe, bring a few touches of duck blue or rely on shades of pink or blue. In a small living room, it is therefore better to apply the brightest or darkest colors by small keys – midnight blue, red…–, which is much more elegant and does not risk creating an impression of suffocation. That does not prohibit either to pose some notes ofanthraciteor even black velvet to enhance the personality of the living room.

On the walls, you can choose a light color on the base and a darker one on the upper part in order to give the illusion of a less cramped place. There are many solutions to succeed in this tour de force which allowsvisually enlarge a space, that is to say, to emphasize the light tones or to play the card of contrasts. Note that the darkest walls are those where the openings to the outside are located. This way, the light bounces off the lighter walls and expands the space.

Brightness and lighting of a small living room

The light is a point capital to consider when designing a small living room, especially if it is very brightit will appear much bigger. Indeed, a dark room, in addition to not being particularly attractive, seems more cramped than a space bathed in light. Not to mention that a beautiful light is good for morale. And then it allows to stage a neat decoration.

Skylights, bay windows, bull’s eye, but also judiciously chosen and perfectly oriented lighting fixtures can change everything. From the table lamp to the dimmer arc signed by the greatest designers of our time, there is a incredible choice of solutions to bathe his little living room with a diffused light or more dazzling depending on the desired result.

Finally, to visually enlarge a small living room and make it bright, it is possible to kill two birds with one stone thanks to the wall of mirrors. These are chosen in different shapes and sizes for a original effect and the room suddenly seems much more spacious and bright.

A sliding panel to create a small, bright and intimate living room

Note that if you want set up a small living room lecture in a big room in order to enjoy an intimate and calm space at all times, the good idea is to use the mobile partition. It is a sliding panel which comes in 1 to 4 leaves, easy to install, which adapts to all possible architectural constraints. The movable partition is a room divider capable of transforming a large space by dividing it into two very distinct zones, and this, in just a few hours.

This also allows you to create a small living room without having to break the wall to add a window since the sliding panel allows light to pass through while protecting the privacy of the premises. It is therefore possible to use this additional space as a guest bedroom if necessary, provided that either a convertible sofabe one retractable wardrobe bed to be unfolded only in the event of an impromptu visit. The icing on the cake, the room divider can be dismantled without leaving a trace. It is therefore suitable for the tenants of their accommodation who can completely recover it if they move.

Lacking inspiration? No problem. Many decoration professionals are able to perform prowess and transform any type of room, even the smallest into a fabulous space.

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