Diagnosis of humidity essential to know how to treat the problem

Humidity is a real scourge, both for the house and for its occupants. As soon as you notice stains, blisters or mold on the walls or ceiling, it is therefore essential to contact a specialist without delay. To provide the tailor-made solution to permanently sanitize the home, this expert must first carry out a humidity diagnosis. Let’s find out together, what this analysis consists of, the signs that should alert and what are the solutions that can eradicate humidity in the long term.

What is a humidity diagnosis?

It’s about a analyse which allows you to check the humidity level in a home and identify the cause of the problem. The humidity diagnosis is therefore theexpertise essential for setting up a personalized action plan.

The specialist comes to the client’s home on appointment in order to carry out the humidity diagnosis. He goes to all the rooms that present a problem. It probes very humid areas with state-of-the-art equipment and immediately identifies the source of humidity problems. He then presents his client with the possible solution, that is to say one entirely personalized to his case.

He then establishes a quote very detailed, post by post. This estimate (free and without obligation) therefore specifies the cause or causes of the humidity problems, all the work to be planned for a final result, their duration, their cost, and is accompanied by the certified humidity diagnosis. The client therefore has all the cards in hand to budget for the operation. Work can only begin after the contract has been signed. At the end of the work, the customer receives a guarantee then the professional carries out a control visit to verify that everything has been done.

Why do we have to fight humidity problems as soon as possible?

Humidity is the cause of many problems. It is detrimental to the construction, to the furniture, to the layout, because in the absence of treatment, it causesirreparable damage. It leads to bad smells and also jeopardizes the health occupants of a house or apartment. In fact, it causes respiratory conditions. It is therefore an important problem that should not be taken lightly.

You can suspect excess moisture when you see the following signs:

  • Capillary rise,
  • Appearance of condensation on the coldest areas of the house. It can be identified by the presence of fog on the windows, for example,
  • Tasks on the ceiling, walls, floor,
  • Molds as much on the frame as in the cupboards, on the clothes, the furniture…,
  • Blisters on paintings,
  • Degradation of coatings,
  • Saltpetre on the frame,
  • Difficulties in heating the house…

It is very important to act as quickly as possible to also avoid health concerns. Indeed, humidity leads to the occurrence of mold. However, these fungi can cause allergiesand in the most serious cases, chronic diseases such as bronchopulmonary diseases. You should also know that dust mites abound in an excessively humid atmosphere. And these parasites have an extreme allergenic power.

Having a humidity diagnosis carried out by an expert is the only solution to make this problem disappear permanently and make the home healthier.

How to deal with a damp problem in the house?

Once the humidity diagnosis has been carried out, the specialist can set up a real protocol to make the problem disappear permanently. The solution may consist of treating the ambient air or treating the walls.

Pour clean the airthe diagnostician can advise his client to use one of the following means:

  • The sanitation station : a device that controls humidity and temperature, filters ambient air and purifies it. It should be installed in rooms with excessive humidity. A sanitation station is the ideal solution in rooms with an average surface area not exceeding 25 m².
  • The air handling unit, recommended for sanitizing a damp space with a surface area of ​​more than 25 m². This device eliminates interior condensation and consequently eliminates bad odors and eradicates allergens. The surrounding air is therefore healthier. A central unit renews the air every 90 minutes by sucking in the outside air then pushing it inwards.
  • The dehumidifier which comes in different sizes so that you can adopt this solution for the private sector or for the professional sector. This is, for example, the device to be installed in a room that houses a spa or a swimming pool, in a basement converted into a living room, or even in offices, a shop, etc.

All these solutions do not require any work, are simple to use, have a high level of efficiency and also allow heating savings since the indoor air is much less humid. Their prix can be obtained quotation.

In case of infiltration, the diagnostician can also proceed to wall treatment of the house, the latter being real sponges. However, if we do not treat, the humidity ends up destroying them. The different processes are as follows:

  • The application of a surface treatment on the facades, such as a waterproofing agent or a moisture blocker which also acts on the saltpetre,
  • Casing, which is ideal for sealing buried walls and putting an end to water infiltration,
  • The injection of a water repellent such as a silicone emulsion in the walls above ground and which represents a means of basic treatment against rising damp, the results of which are immediate on water infiltration. This makes it possible to create a completely waterproof barrier but also to dry out the walls. Moreover, there is a considerable drop in the residual moisture content of the treated walls.

After such treatments, the walls are sanitized and the dwelling no longer represents a danger to people’s health.

Do not hesitate to contact a humidity diagnostic expert to find out the source of the problems observed at home. Serious professionals who have great expertise in this area also offer a first free diagnosis essential to provide a personalized solution.

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