What is PVC: use pro con

The second most widely used plastic after polyethylene, PVC has thus become one of the most essential materials in the field of construction. Small point on its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Know and recognize PVC Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is a thermoplastic polymer discovered for the first time during the 19th century following an accident. … Read more

Deactivated concrete: installation pros and cons price per square meter

Deactivated concrete or washed concrete is a concrete pouring technique carried out with the aim of obtaining a particular aesthetic result. It is obtained with the same materials as conventional concrete, namely aggregates, water and cement. In the end, we obtain a concrete with a gravelled appearance. Free quote laying concrete disabled! The … Read more

What is prompt cement what can you use it for?

Professionals can no longer do without it. Prompt cement is a multi-use product that provides fast and resistant work. Today, he is trying to conquer the hearts of DIY enthusiasts. Zoom on the characteristics of this very useful product. Quick cement: definition A natural hydraulic binder, prompt cement is obtained by firing limestone made up … Read more

Galvanized steel: characteristics and use

@ Gen In homeopathic doses, zinc is not only good for health but necessary (a few milligrams per day). This trace element is found naturally in food, particularly in oysters, eggs and cocoa. As Zinc melts at 420°C, rather than poisoning yourself by overdose with that of the galvanized sheet which will vaporize in your … Read more

Plaster : definition use pros and cons

Plaster is a building material that is mainly used for rendering. But its use tends to become more important, thanks to its ease of preparation and increased adhesion to cement and wood. Many varieties such as plasterboard and plasterboard are multiplying to make installation even easier. The result is a smooth surface, which can be … Read more