The electric domino : how to choose it assemble it and connect it ?

During electrical work, it is often necessary to make electrical cable connections. In this context, it is necessary to use a electric domino which will facilitate this connection between the different wires. How to choose your domino and how to connect it correctly? Find the answers here. What is an electric domino? What is it … Read more

How to protect yourself from electromagnetic waves in your home ?

Electromagnetic waves are a topic that is talked about a lot. This magnetic or electromagnetic radiation is suspected of causing health problems. How do you protect yourself from this in your own home? Here are a few tips. We are constantly subjected to electromagnetic waves Electromagnetic waves would be everywhere. This is the colloquial term … Read more

How to make an extension cord ?

I particularly hate this situation where you can’t take advantage of your digital gadgets, as well as electronic ones, for lack of an extension cord. To remedy this, I decided to make one myself. Let me guide you! Make your own extension cords One of the big drawbacks with extension cords sold in stores is … Read more

How to change a fuse ?

A blown fuse? It can happen frequently and the most frustrating thing is that it always happens when you least expect it. What to do then? Go broke every time by calling an electrician or change it yourself? Follow the leader ! Why does the fuse blow… Before getting down to the task of replacing … Read more