How to build your own picnic table for the garden?

It’s hard to do without a picnic table on sunny days, especially if family members, relatives and acquaintances regularly come home. What if you made this piece of furniture yourself? Make or buy? During the summer seasons, fans of the “garden-party” simply cannot do without a picnic table, especially if children live in the … Read more

Recycled objects: 2 DIY decorating ideas

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make beautiful decorative objects that will serve to embellish your interior. Crates of wine or an old tire are enough, for example, to make furniture and practical objects in your daily life. Follow the leader. Some tips for making shelves For the first method to create pretty shelves, you … Read more

5 Christmas DIY ideas to do yourself!

When the end of the year arrives, we take the time to spend special moments with our little family. Make Christmas crafts is an activity like so many others that will allow you to enjoy these precious moments. So you can create your own Christmas decoration. Make your greeting cards in 3D You need … Read more

Make a cage with wheels for your rabbit!

Adopting a pet means adapting its environment so that cohabitation is successful. For a dwarf rabbit for example, in order to allow him to go outside without escaping, the best thing is to make him a cage where he will be safe. The cage on wheels is a solution that allows the cage to be … Read more

How to change the slide of a drawer ?

Continuously and incessantly used, drawer slides eventually wear out over the years and one day require replacement. Here is a task within everyone’s reach, even for amateur do-it-yourselfers. What is a drawer slide? Commonly also called rails, slides or slides, this mechanism is essential for the operation of any drawer, since it is through the … Read more

How to install curtain rods?

Curtains are very important elements in a house. In addition to being decorative, they protect the privacy of its inhabitants. The curtains are installed at the windows thanks to a set called the rod. It is composed of two supports and a bar which are easy to install. There is no need to call in … Read more