Water softener : what is it what is it used for what are its limits ?

If we refer to statistics, nearly one in three French households is already equipped with a water softener. However, as this device is still expensive, is it really essential? The benefits of a water softener The water softener, as its name suggests, has function of lowering the rate of limestone present in running water. Indeed, … Read more

How to choose a water softener ?

You have probably seen it, the running water from the taps in your home creates a whitish veil on your dishes and ends up scaling your household appliances that require water, which has an impact on their lifespan if you do not do nothing. This limestone comes from the combination of calcium and magnesium molecules: … Read more

How to unclog a drain: 10 tips and tricks!

A completely blocked pipe must be the subject of a rapid intervention. You try a liquid unblocker but the result is not very convincing and in addition, it pollutes enormously. Here are some tips and tricks for dealing with clogged drains before calling the plumber The hanger trick Take a regular wire coat hanger and … Read more

How to repair a leak on a heater ?

To repair a leak on a radiator, the ideal is to first understand how the device works. We will therefore first detail the operation of a radiator before considering the possible interventions to repair a leak. The hot water radiator: operation and materials Hot water radiators operate in a closed circuit. A boiler heats the … Read more