How to make a bird feeder ?

You don’t need to be a carpentry expert to make a bird feeder. With a little imagination, it is even possible to build a feeder from scrap materials. Feeder in winter, waterer in summer, here is a homemade accessory that can have style and is essential to allow the birds of the sky to live … Read more

How to cut plexiglass properly?

Plexiglas is a material widely used today for its practicality and his little price. It works quite easily, but that does not dispense with taking certain precautions when cutting it and using the adequate material in order to obtain a zero defect result. Let’s find out the possible methods to cut plexiglass yourself with precision … Read more

How to make silicone seals ?

Indispensable for seal in an environment particularly exposed to humidity, silicone gaskets are ideal. Easy to install, they however require a good preparation of the support and a precise dexterity. Here are some tips to follow for perfect silicone seals that will stand the test of time. Preparation of the substrate before the installation of … Read more

The WD-40 the essential of the handyman! What are its uses and applications?

WD-40 is a miracle product widely used by DIYers, but also useful for the whole house. This versatile spray can indeed clean many household objects, protect against moisture, water and frost, lubricate components and unblock jammed mechanisms. Multi-use, it is one of the essentials to have at home! Let’s discover its characteristics and uses in … Read more

How to make non-toxic slime ?

Homemade is essential in many areas. But be careful because if you are not careful, you take risks in manufacturing certain products yourself when you do not respect the rules of the art. It is always necessary to choose its ingredients or components with great vigilance. This is the case of slime, this colored paste … Read more