DIY and woodworking: the 5 essential tools

For months my passionate woodworking readers have been asking me to dedicate an article to the five most useful woodworking tools. Here it is finally. Good reading ! The different types of saw Whether you are carpenters, professional cabinetmakers or amateurs like me, you agree that we cannot do without the handsaw. It is the … Read more

The giraffe sander : what is it characteristics and use ?

To install a wall covering or repaint, preparation steps are necessary. Cleaning and polishing all these surfaces manually are arduous tasks, especially for areas that are difficult to access because of the height. To save time and effort, opting for a giraffe sander seems an effective option. Indeed, the giraffe sander is a practical tool … Read more

Sabre saw : the different models for which use ?

For everyday DIY or for construction and renovation work, saber saws are an essential part of the toolbox. Online stores offer wide ranges of saber saws, available for individuals and professionals. For your work requiring precision cuts, saber saws will perfectly meet your expectations. However, what are the different models and for what use? … Read more

How to use a spirit level ?

If you haven’t used one yet, you’ve probably seen it at the mason who did the paving in your kitchen, or at one of your DIY friends. As you have guessed, this is of course the essential spirit level What is the spirit level actually used for? For all your small jobs and repairs at … Read more