Checking the pressure of your car’s tires: how and why?

Optimizing the performance and safety of a vehicle goes through regular and appropriate tire pressure checks. Simple and quick, this operation can be carried out by the owner himself, provided he knows the right techniques and the main recommendations. Zoom. Why should you regularly check the tire pressure of your car? According to recent surveys, … Read more

How to choose motor oil for your car?

Engine oil is essential for the proper functioning and lubrication of the moving parts of your engine and you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations depending on the vehicle model. Which oil for your engine? There is a wide variety available on the market, in the very composition of the product: mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic. … Read more

How to renovate your car’s headlights that have become opaque ?

Over the years, the headlights of the car turn yellow or become opaque. Consideration of replacement is advised. However, if you do not have the necessary budget, opt for a simple renovation by going through the services of a professional or by doing it yourself if you have DIY knowledge. Renovating headlights: a matter of … Read more

How to clean and shine car interior plastics?

The maintenance of your car is important, both for its aesthetics and for your health, because dust and dirt accumulate in it over time. To benefit from a healthier environment within your vehicle, discover our simple and natural tips for cleaning and shining interior plastics, elements that are not always easy to maintain. How to … Read more