Duck blue is trendy : why ? With what other colors can you combine it ?

Duck blue is a shade of dark blue verging on green. It is inspired by the color of the feathers of mallard ducks, iridescent, and whose shade changes according to the lighting. You can also find this color under the name duck green. Like the color turquoise, which some refer to as “blue” and others as “green”, it is an in-between color. Why is this color trending and what other color can it be paired with?

What duck blue are we talking about?

The lighting or, for photographs, the settings of the camera, modulate the perception of this color. Paint manufacturers name their shades according to rules specific to their marketing strategy, according to their ranges. On the color market, a single reference allows you to find your way around and to be able to reproduce a precise color (provided that it is the same base): it is the German RAL color chart.

Three RAL shades can correspond to duck blue:

  • RAL 5009, the darkest shade, called “azure blue”,
  • RAL 5021, the intermediate shade, called “water blue”,
  • and RAL 5018, the lightest shade, called “turquoise blue”.

The RAL 5025 shade, called “pearl gentian”, is a very similar dark shade but with less green.

Duck blue is trendy

In our contemporary societies, blue is omnipresent and it is a color on which everyone generally agrees. Duck blue, because of its not quite blue, nor quite green tone, is a less consensual choice. And even if it is trendy, it does not appeal to everyone.

It is a warm and deep color, and its essential quality, in times of general stress, is to bring calm and relaxation. Moreover, duck blue is polyvalent. The duck blue constitutes a good base to decline very varied universes. Because it is close to Egyptian green, it will be a good choice to develop an atmosphere with mysterious accents with a timeless touch. It will also create an atmosphere of escape, able to open the doors of your creativity, for a very original interior. Finally, if you like the sixties, it will also be a good starting point to set up a retro atmosphere.
How to use duck blue?

Whatever the RAL shade, this color remains a dark color that is not neutral at all: any object placed in front of a wall painted in duck blue will be highlighted. Also, the option is interesting if you want to give importance to an exceptional element such as an old headboard, an ornate fireplace, a period mirror, or a family piece of furniture.

The plants will go particularly well with duck blue. Their presence will soften the perception of this color applied to a wall to give the feeling of a natural, soft and cozy environment.

With what color to associate duck blue?

By combining duck blue with mustard yellow, another very trendy color, you will opt for a contrasting and toned atmosphere. To create a chic living room, you will look for velvet surfaces, especially for the seats (sofas, pouf, etc.) and golden decorative elements.

By using duck blue with black and raw wood furniture, you will create a modern, stylish atmosphere. industrial.

Natural materials such as raw wood and basketry, as well as decorative elements in gray hues, will enhance the side exotic duck blue.

In the kitchen or the bathroom, in wall tiles or applied to furniture, this color will harmonize without problem with white for a fresh atmosphere with aquatic accents.

And for a room cocooningthe bedding will be available in off-white or natural linen.

Opting for duck blue is certainly making a trendy choice, but the way you use it will reveal your personality and your originality.

Photo credit: Dulux Valentin

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