Eco-responsible decoration: explanations and practical applications

Ecology speaks to you, the recovery mindset too? Are you one of those who want to go towards zero waste and in decoration as well? Why not because this trend is gaining ground. Eco-responsible decoration seems to have a bright future ahead of it and you could therefore put it into practice in your interior. More than a militant act, this type of eco-responsible decoration is likely to be the reality of the world of tomorrow. So how to go towards this more green decoration? By consuming better, by paying attention to the materials of your furniture, by always choosing second-hand goods, recovery, handmade, but also the Made in France.

Less but better

Paying attention to what you consume in terms of food, cosmetics, clothing, but also sorting your waste or even opting for the bike rather than the car: eco-responsible gestures are indeed there. Today, this also affects the field of decoration. Designers are becoming aware of these sustainability issues and things are changing. Furniture manufacturers take care to minimize their impact on the environment. Their production is more considered. Consuming locally and sustainably has become the creed of many. Prioritize the circular economy as well. Beyond a trend, it is a real questioning that takes place in the decoration sector. Everything is considered differently: how is the environment taken into account, what are the working conditions, where does the object purchased come from?

Eco-responsible materials

It’s time for production with respect for nature and traditional techniques. Wooden furniture and decoration always takes up more space. The success of timber frame houses is undeniable. Naturally, it must be made from recycled wood scraps or extracted from ecologically or sustainably managed forests. In terms of small decoration or more imposing furniture, we also find all metals, such as copper. Or an original material like cork. More and more, it is a question of cardboard furniture. You will find beautiful cardboard seats that are both stylish and comfortable. Some even go so far as to offer driftwood furniture. All natural textiles are of course on the rise. There are companies that offer, for example, eco-friendly and handmade wool mattresses.


We are witnessing a return of plants and flowers in decoration. They are found in all rooms. The originality being to suspend them. Succulents are a real success, cacti are found everywhere in the decor. Depolluting plants are also experiencing real success and are less and less unknown, etc. Green decoration therefore begins with plants. Obviously, it is necessary to place your plants in the light – few are those that require darkness, and to remember to water them regularly. Have you thought of bamboo for example? Whatever your budget, you will necessarily find a plant adapted to the decoration of your home. In connection with the maintenance of your plants, turn to the right electricity supplier, in order to give your plants the right temperature to ensure their development.


It is well known, nothing is lost, everything is transformed. Today recovering objects to give them a second life is commonplace. Repairing a piece of furniture, DIY is something common. This can be considered in a repair café, a place dedicated to the repair of objects with planned obsolescence. DIY workshops are springing up here and there, giving you ideas for items to customize. Self-help blogs and tutorials are on the rise. Collect driftwood, stones, pallets, tin cans and transform them. Dare to divert objects from their primary use

The flea market

Because eco-responsible decoration is made to last, consider flea markets to do business and find the furniture of your dreams. Because these are completely in the sustainable movement. Just like garage sales and flea markets: all the places that have chosen to give objects a second life. Antiquing or going to Emmaüs have become social phenomena. Because changing decoration has a cost and generates a lot of waste: this is however the case in the decoration sector, which highlights trends that follow one another quickly. Fashions follow one another, which accelerates the obsolescence of decorative products. If you decide to adopt an eco-responsible decoration, you can find out if there is a recycling center near your home. Take the time to look at the online platforms that offer sales between individuals.


The famous handmade is also an option to concoct a beautiful eco-responsible decoration. Where yesterday it was decried, today it is acclaimed. Who hasn’t heard of the famous DIY, in other words Do It Yourself? The return to grace of craftsmen and of all crafts also goes in this direction. From now on, aesthetics goes hand in hand with ethics. Doing it yourself is valued. Giving pep to your interior, revamping a piece of furniture, making small decorative objects, everything is currently possible. Just surf on all the decoration sites to get inspired and discover the multitude of projects to initiate.


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