The electric domino : how to choose it assemble it and connect it ?

During electrical work, it is often necessary to make electrical cable connections. In this context, it is necessary to use a electric domino which will facilitate this connection between the different wires. How to choose your domino and how to connect it correctly? Find the answers here.

What is an electric domino? What is it used for ?

When setting up an electrical installation, the connection of two or more electrical cables to each other is sometimes unavoidable in order to operate various devices. This connection cannot be made without a connection tool called a domino. Also nicknamed electric sugar, electric screw terminal or electric wire clamp, this part consists of a plastic case, small screws as well as small terminals intended for the insertion of cables.

In general, this accessory is used in domestic work when it is necessary to repair a faulty electrical wire or when a cable is too short to connect an installation to an electrical system. Practical, simple and economical, the domino comes in several types, to be chosen according to the nature of the work to be carried out.

How to choose your domino? What should be paid attention to?

Choosing a domino is not really complicated. All you have to do is select the right size, which will depend on the section you want to connect and the number of conductors you are going to put inside. By way of illustration, let’s take the case of a 32A socket receiving 6mm2 cables. The domino must at the same time allow the connection of cables with a section of 6mm2 while being able to fit into the flush-mounting box. The adequate size will then be a sugar of 16mm2.

Attention, it is very important that the domino is easily accessible to simplify any modifications or repair work. At the same time, an increased level of protection must be guaranteed to avoid accidents with children, in particular who may accidentally touch live connections.

How to plug in and connect your electric domino?

The operation couldn’t be simpler. First, gather the appropriate equipment, namely an insulated flat screwdriver, wire cutters and wire strippers. At the start, be sure to turn off your circuit breaker. Then pull the cables and strip them. The stripped areas are to be inserted into the connection terminals of the domino. To prevent the wires from coming undone, screw the domino correctly with the screwdriver. The copper part must become invisible, which will guarantee correct maintenance of the cables. This is important because good screwing prevents faults that cannot be found or overheating that could cause fires. Don’t force it too much either. Extreme tightening could weaken the cables.

A few details, however, for a standard installation. Already in relation to the positioning of the wires, it is not uncommon to see dominoes integrating cables going in one direction and others going in the other direction. This method is unsuitable. Proper usage is to install all wires in the same direction.

After ensuring that all cables have been properly secured, you can turn your circuit breaker back on. Your electrical system is now ready to operate.

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