Electrician IRVE essential installer of charging station or wallbox

The installation of a charging station, individual or collective, must be carried out by an IRVE professional. This qualification guarantees that the electrician has received specific training for the installation of a wallbox. In addition, it is the sesame that allows you to benefit from a secure installation and aid for the energy transition…

Have a wallbox installed by a pro: it’s mandatory!

This legal obligation dates from the decree of January 12, 2017. Article 12 stipulates that any installation of an electric charging station with a power greater than 3.7 kW must be carried out by a specially trained electrician. The professional must attest to an IRVE Qualifelec or AFNOR qualification, the only accredited bodies that can deliver this training.

The qualification IRVE (Charging Infrastructures for Electric Vehicles) must appear clearly on the professional documents. Any project owner must check the mention of it when it comes to installing a charging station for vehicles in a new construction, whether individual, collective or tertiary. The individuals must also check on their estimate that the IRVE qualification is clearly indicated. This obligation is justified in several ways, for the benefit of the user, as we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

Who is the IRVE electrician?

With his IRVE qualification, the professional electrician is perfectly qualified to install your security bollard. He knows the NF C15-100 standard inside out, which relates to charging devices for hybrid and electric vehicles.

  • First of all, he performs a diagnostic of your electrical installation and offers you any work to bring it up to essential standards. His IRVE qualification allows him to modify your electrical installation to size it to the needs of a charging station.
  • The IRVE qualified electrician can advise usefully on the type of terminal best suited to your use. He finds out about the power of your vehicle, your use, your driving habits, etc. To offer you the wallbox that will best meet your needs in terms of power and functionality.
  • The IRVE training taught him to installer any terminal, with a maximum power of 22 kW. An unqualified electrician does not have the skills for this type of installation.
  • In addition to the installation, he can intervene in the maintenance and monitoring the operation of your wallbox.

Advantage 1: the guarantee of a secure installation

We don’t joke with security. If it is not done properly, installing a charging station in your home poses a risk to your electrical installation. The IRVE electrician alone is authorized to carry out a compliant and totally secure installation.

  • Your charging station is installed in complete security. If necessary, your electrical installation is upgraded.
  • Proper installation preserves the battery of the vehicle from any damage caused by an electrical overload.
  • No risk of surcharge on your electrical system, which can cause unwanted power outages.

Advantage 2: you can benefit from subsidies

Did you know that the installation of a charging station for an electric vehicle is eligible for the aid provided for in the context of the energy transition? What you may not know is that to obtain these aids, you must justify that the work was carried out by an IRVE professional. For this, the mention IRVE must appear on your quotes and invoices.

Installation by a trained professional allows you to be eligible with several helpers:

  • A fixed tax credit of €300;
  • The ADVENIR bonus (collective housing);
  • VAT at 5.5%.

In addition, it can make you benefit from prices negotiated from suppliers, sometimes very interesting. You can count on it to intelligently reduce installation costs. At the end of the day, some advantageous savings…

Advantage 3: your insurer is happy

Let’s be clear: if you install a wallbox yourself in your home, or if you hire an unqualified electrician, you are taking risks.

  • You risk damaging the battery of your vehicle. And it’s expensive.
  • Charging the vehicle may cause a court-circuit in your electrical installation.
  • Every year, fires are caused by faulty installation.
  • The guarantee of the charging station is invalid if its installation is not compliant.
  • By calling on a non-certified professional, an individual commits his responsibility. Difficulties are to be expected with the insurer in the event of a claim.

Don’t take unnecessary risks. The cost of installation by an IRVE qualified electrician is justified by the many benefits that flow from it.

What is the IRVE qualification?

Any electrician wishing to be able to install an electric vehicle charging station must undergo specific training. To obtain this qualification, he must complete a training course in three levels :

  • Level 1: Installation of charging stations up to 22 kW, without specific configuration for communication and supervision.
  • Level 2: Installation of charging stations up to 22 kW, with configuration for communicating stations and station supervision.
  • Level 3: Installation of more than 22 fast charging stations

The IRVE mention means obtaining an annual certificate. The qualification is valid 4 ans and renewable. Only the professional holder of this mention is approved for the installation and maintenance of charging stations over 3.7 kW of power. The training must be carried out in Qualifelec or AFNOR approved organizations, only they being authorized to issue the IRVE qualification.

No hesitation to have ! Calling on an IRVE professional will save you time, money, safety and comfort. Your peace of mind is well worth a qualification!

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