Example of a bathroom renovation

As we know, women are flirtatious, they like to make themselves beautiful, relax with beauty treatments, buy cosmetics, relax with massages, skin scrubs… As a result, the piece they love probably the most is certainly the bathroom, and not the kitchen contrary to what some “machos” might have expected me to write!

Small bathroom will become big

When we bought our house, with my friend, there was a lot of work to do in terms of decoration and fittings. This was particularly the case for the bathroom, which in no way evoked well-being or relaxation… It was cramped because of the presence of a basic white bathtub whose enamel was altered, it covered its walls bear the marks of a bygone era with water-green earthenware tiles that are not at all “vintage”, it was dizzying with its lino forming endless arabesque patterns, and the ventilation needed to be reviewed… So we have started by installing a bathroom aerator because there was no question of letting humidity settle in this room.

After the kitchen, the bathroom was the room we had decided to renovate: we had agreed on the project. It was a question of replacing the bathtub with a large shower cubicle, in order to gain a little volume for storage spaces which are always useful for storing bathroom linen, sunscreen products which are only used once a year or even the medicine cabinet! The bathroom being, by definition, a piece of water, and my wife being of Vendée origin, the “marine” theme appealed to both of us: we will therefore do it in blue tones, with wood on the walls and marine decor. As for the floor, we quickly saw that under the linoleum was hiding an old parquet floor which, once stripped, would restore warmth to this bathroom.

Choose the right bathroom amenities

Having defined and “drawn” the decor of our future bathroom, we looked at the equipment: shower, faucets, towel rails and other accessories, how to choose? After looking at all of this on the Castorama site, we went to the store in the bathroom department to see the products in person and to choose them definitively. We opted for a large 80 x 120 cm built-in shower tray, a slightly sophisticated shower column, walls in small blue earthenware in which a row of translucent tiles in height lets the day pass through, and a glass door simple (easier to clean than sliding doors!).

For the washbasin, we chose a round basin that I fixed on an old, redesigned bedside cabinet: with slightly designer taps, the effect is very nice.

Suspended toilets have replaced the old ones, in order to facilitate the task of the cleaning lady! In addition, the flush could be embedded in the wooden formwork covering the wall.

We fixed a pretty mirror above the washbasin and chose fixed square chrome rings as lights on the ceiling and in the wooden wall. A few bathroom accessories such as a soap dish, toothbrush holder, trash can, coat hooks, soft rugs, have come to complete and finalize this room which is now a well-being asset!

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