Fall decoration: 10 ideas to warm up the atmosphere

So that’s it, do you feel this little fresh wind heralding colder weather? It’s time to welcome fall with open arms. When it is fast approaching, do you feel more like staying at home, warm in your apartment or house? Before snuggling up on your sofa under a plaid, install a few decorative items that will warm up the atmosphere, both literally and figuratively! Here are some fall decorating ideas with which you can create the cozy interior of your dreams and give your home a little extra warmth.

As you can see, to instantly brighten up your interior, treat yourself to a new lamp, add a few cushions, light a few scented candles on your base table or fill a pretty vase with a bouquet of autumn flowers… Below are 10 decorating ideas to try this fall.

Cushions and pillows to add softness

Soft as you wish, the cushion is ideal for transforming the atmosphere of a room. Change its color, create profusion and now the atmosphere is different. Opt for deep-hued cushions in shades of orange to add a more autumnal vibe. And don’t forget the bedrooms. The simple addition of a slightly graphic accent pillow is enough to infuse a little fall vibe. All it takes is a few more intense and vibrant colors like red, orange and yellow to express joy and optimism in your decoration.

Candles to bring relaxing energy

Place scented candles here and there. Choose them in pretty boxes and in warm colors that transform any space into a cozy place. Neutral shades of earth tones calm and bring a relaxing energy. Combine them with furniture or accessories made of natural materials and create a real oasis of peace.

Lamps to create a relaxed atmosphere

Nothing like multiplying the points of light to warm up a room. If you like to experiment with styles, colors and shades, autumn is the perfect time to meet your need for change: treat yourself to a pretty lamp with beautiful shades and thus create a joyful atmosphere. Sometimes all it takes is one object, one detail to feel in perfect harmony in one’s interior. Opt for warm shades of beige and brown, combine a vintage style lamp with a more modern lamp. You will feel good surrounded by these pieces that will make you serene.

Rugs for an even cozier interior

The padded surface of the rugs takes on its full meaning in autumn when you take pleasure in treading on it barefoot or dressed in very comfortable socks. In addition to the fact that it is warm because of its welcome, the carpet is also a sharp decorative object. Choose it with warm colors: they are ideal to enhance your mood and give charm to your interior. With indoor plants and a beautifully decorated coffee table, your fall will be more beautiful than ever.

Vases to hold your bouquets of autumn flowers

To create an effortless decorative centerpiece, nothing could be simpler. Unearth a few vintage tin cans in fall colors at a junk or antique dealer or even at a garage sale and you’re done! An armful of autumn leaves, a few branches and you turn them into vintage vases.

Leafy or tree-patterned curtains to match the season

And if you change the dressing of your windows? Change your curtains with the seasons. Hang heavy, dense ones – in the fall they are pretty and decorative. Opt for chic autumnal patterns. You can also change your shower curtains for the occasion!

An animal skin for even more cozy

In addition to cozy cushions and rugs, bring out your animal skins. Near a bed for softness under your feet when you wake up or around the fireplace on the floor or on an armchair, animal skin gives character to your room and gives it comfort.

Wallpaper for an inspired decoration

How about wallpapering? Choose a print inspired by the forest or patterns in autumnal colors. You will be amazed at the number of possibilities available to you. Nothing like it to give pep to a room, especially living room or kitchen. Use sparingly.

Plaids and blankets for your cocooning desires

A little “cosy” extra never hurt anyone! So add plaids and blankets. Surprise your guests by adding warm-toned blankets to your guest room. What could be nicer than curling up in a soft blanket or under a fluffy plaid to watch a movie or read a good book?

Nature in your interior

To bring autumn inside your home, the fastest way is to get it outside! You can use branches of oaks, apple trees to make bouquets. Have fun composing squash baskets. Dress up a bare wall with a simple fall mobile made from picked leaves. Halloween and humor oblige, you can also make a hedge of honor of squash along your garden path! Collect pine cones and make your own decoration… Finely cut a log of wood to make coasters. There are many ideas for DIY (Do It Yourself). Let your ideas go!

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