Faucets: mixer or faucet which one to choose?

When installing or renovating your faucets, the crucial question arises: which faucet to choose? Two main models are available on the market, namely mixer and mixer. If one will bring a nice retro touch to your bathroom, the other responds more to a more modern vision of taps.

A retro touch with the blender

Present in the bathroom of our parents and grandparents, the mixer is one of the most classic and oldest faucet models that exist. And although the market offers other models like the mixer, the mixer still has a bright future ahead of it.

It easily finds its place in all bathrooms, especially those with vintage decoration or rustic-style kitchens. This type of faucet consists of two handles, one of which is blue in color and provides cold water and the other, red in color, provides hot water. By activating the handles, a mixture is carried out at the level of the water inlets, making it possible to obtain water at the right temperature.

The mixer consists of two heads (cold water and hot water) which can be divided into two types. On the one hand, there is the ceramic head which has the advantage of closing very easily and being more durable. On the other hand, in case of damage, a replacement will be inevitable. On the other side, we find the valve head which consists of a rubber seal facilitating the closing of the water circuit. In case of wear, this gasket is easily replaceable, an inexpensive operation that can be done yourself. Moreover, all the interest of the mixer tap lies in its price within reach of all budgets.

The modernity of the mixer

In the shower, the washbasin, the bathtub: the mixer tap finds its place everywhere and has established itself, since its release, as a real revolution in the field of faucets. It consists of a single lever that you just have to operate from top to bottom to have the ideal water flow and from left to right to obtain the right temperature. As the ideal temperature is reached very quickly, this makes it possible to make substantial savings in water.

There are mixer taps that are fitted with an anti-scalding device that works thanks to a ring intended to prevent the arrival of hot water. This system is particularly safe for young children. Other options can be added to the mixer such as the flow limiter which helps to reduce the water flow by half thanks to a notch installed on the handle. The range of designer and sophisticated faucets also includes waterfall mixers with LEDs fitted to balneotherapy bathtubs.

The thermostatic mixer: safety and reliability

It’s hard to talk about a mixer without mentioning the thermostatic model, which is one of the most advanced in terms of functionality. It has the particularity of allowing the adjustment of the water temperature to the nearest degree. You only need to configure the faucet once so that it produces the same temperature each time you use it.

It is a very practical model especially for the elderly and children as it reduces the risk of burns. As soon as there is a delay or even a failure in the cold water supply, the hot water supply will not work automatically.

On the market, it is possible to find infrared thermostatic mixers that do not have a handle. Infrared detects the hand passing under the tap, thus automatically activating the arrival of water.

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