Fertilizing your lawn: when how and with what fertilizer?

A beautiful lawn, of a uniform green, without any weeds and always perfectly mowed is an undeniable asset in a garden, whatever the size of the ground. It enhances the property as well as the trees and shrubs, the flowerbeds, the flowerbeds, the small alleys… But have a nice lawn is not done in a snap, especially if it is trampled on all year round. We must take care of it regularly by watering it, scarifying it and airing it. You also have to think about fertilisation at very specific times and with a perfectly adapted fertilizer because it must be the best response to a specific need. Let’s do a check in.

When to fertilize your lawn?

It’s always on one perfectly dry grass that we put a fertilizer, if possible the day before a predicted rain or before watering because it promotes the penetration of mineral substances into the earth since they dissolve on contact with water. We can also proceed at the end of the day, when the grass benefits from a little bit of freshness. For a better distribution of the fertilizer, it is necessary to mow the lawn 24 to 48 hours in advance. Finally, it is better to avoid spreading this type of product in the middle of the afternoon when it is excessively hot.

How to fertilize a lawn?

There are two methods for fertilizing a lawn:manual spreading which is ideal when the grassed area is moderate, and themechanical spreading through a spreader. It is a device fitted with wheels which is very easy to handle. For 50 to 80 €, you can already have a good spreader. To afford a larger model to hang on the ride-on mower, it takes about 120 €.

Hand spreading lawn fertilizer

Simple, the method consists of taking the fertilizer in granules by handfuls and distributing it on the fly on the lawn mowed the day before, trying to distribute the fertilizer as well as possible. Admittedly easy to perform, this gesture does not allow a regular distribution of the product, and certain areas of grass are necessarily missed. After a few weeks, the result obtained is not perfect because the lawn is sparse in places.

Dispersing Lawn Fertilizer Spreader

This device distributes the fertilizer uniformly, without any area of ​​the lawn being spared. In addition, the task is less tedious than by hand. It is advisable to mow the lawn 24 to 48 hours in advance and to operate on a dry lawn on a day when there is no wind at all.

It remains to deposit the lawn fertilizer (in solid form) in the cart. If it is equipped with a hatch, it must be ensured that it is properly closed. This will avoid finding a burnt area of ​​lawn. To avoid spilling fertilizer on the grass when filling, it is better to settle in the dirt driveway. Watch out for paved walkways or slab terraces that can end up with unsightly stains if fertilizer is spilled.

The device is then adjusted by specifying the quantity of fertilizer to be distributed per square meter as stated on the box. Note that most spreaders have a fertilizer dispersal device that comes into action when the wheels turn. We try as much as possible to always keep the same speed of progression.

Lawn fertilizer and respecting the dosage

About the dosagehe is always indicated on the packaging in g/m² and must be respected. If you don’t apply enough fertilizer, you will have wasted your time (and your money) because it will not have much effect on the lawn. If you put too much, you simply risk burning the grasses that make up the lawn.

It is strongly recommended to divide the dosage indicated by two in order to carry out two successive passages. We perform a first pass lengthways with 50% of the product then a second spreadingthis time widthwise, with the other half of the dose. The fact of “squaring” the lawn makes it possible to treat the entire turfed surface and to obtain an even distribution of the product. This is how you can enjoy an impeccable result some time later.

What fertilizer to use for a lawn?

The goal being toimprove the health and beauty of the lawnthe fertilizer should be chosen depending on the needs. By responding to them as well as possible, we obtain a very green, dense, vigorous, resistant and uniform lawn. Fertilizers contain:

  • Of the’nitrogen (N) : it boosts growth and makes the lawn very green,
  • From phosphore (P) : it is fundamental for the development of the root system,
  • From potassium (K) : it prevents the lawn from drying out and allows it to better resist frost.

Fertilizer is therefore used to provide the plant with some of the fundamental nutrients that are lacking when the soil is depleted. The choice of fertilizer must therefore be made according to its action and the type of diffusion. A good observation of his lawn helps to see things more clearly and to choose the most suitable product accordingly. An eye warns locates quickly some problems For example :

  • Areas of a lighter green than others,
  • yellowing,
  • The absence of young shoots,
  • A slowdown in growth,
  • The lawn that is starting to thin out in places…

To have a beautiful lawnthe gardener has different lawn fertilizers, namely:

  • A fertilizer rich in nitrogen (N) which is indicated for a newly sown lawn or following reseeding necessary when the grass begins to thin out. This fertilizer is calledstarter fertilizer because the grasses absorb it very quickly. Its boost effect is certainly short-lived, but the growth of the lawn is boosted thanks to the high nitrogen content.
  • A fertilizer for increase growth rate grass as well as its density, whose duration of action is about ten weeks. This is a slow release fertilizer. Several amendments of this type may prove necessary each year.
  • A fertilizer to use onlyonly once a year because of his long-lasting effect. Well balanced in NPK, it avoid deficiencies. It helps to maintain the well-being of a lawn that does not present any particular problem.
  • A special fertilizer which, in addition to providing nutrients to the plant, eliminates weeds and mossplagues for the lawn because they prevent it from growing normally and can even choke it.

When choosing the best fertilizer for your lawn, it is important to take into account all different factors have an influence on the grasses that make up lawns such as climate, exposure, trampling, frequency of watering, the presence of weeds, and even the type of soil (dry soil, heavy or humid soil, that is to say clay, brought back soil, etc.).

Lawn boost fertilizer, anti-moss fertilizer for lawn, repair fertilizer or reseeding fertilizer… In the face of the diversity of specific fertilizers that we find in the trade, there is something to be disconcerted when making your choice. They are all good quality, and it can be said that none is better than the others. On the other hand, each must be used in a very specific situation.

Despite the instructions on the packaging, which you should always take the time to read, it is not easy for a beginner gardener who has not yet acquired any experience to know which product is capable of responding to his problem. Fertilizer with an anti-moss and/or a selective weedkiller, fertilizer allowing deeper rooting, lawn fertilizer which stimulates the growth of grasses or even which makes the lawn green again… in short, in case of hesitation talk to a pro.

To have a customized solutionthe good idea is indeed to contact a landscaper. This plant expert will go to the site in order to carry out a reconnaissance and make an inventory, which will enable him to find the best solution for a custom lawn fertilization and of course to draw up an accurate quote.

We should know, however, that if no problem is found and that on the contrary the lawn is dense, of breathtaking beauty, of a sumptuous and uniform green, and that in addition there is no moss, or unwanted weeds, there is no point in worrying… The grasses that make up the lawn do not lack any nutrients and are in perfect health. It is then totally useless and even unreasonable to make a contribution of fertilizer in this case of figure because that would amount introducing in the ground of the excess nutrients which would not be absorbed.

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