Fiberglass cloth: characteristics pros quotes and installation prices

Practical and resistant, fiberglass fabric is very popular in renovations. It is effective in hiding defects and various imperfections appearing on the ceiling or on the walls. There are different types of glass fabrics, with variations in laying techniques.

The characteristics of fiberglass cloth

Glass cloth is a wallcovering that is available in rolls. It is made up of particularly fine glass fibers which guarantee the resistance and solidity of the product. The latter offers a wall decoration to your interior, which it is then up to you to personalize with a painting for example.

It comes in multiple styles and patterns. Thus, it is possible to find smooth, herringbone, mesh, even plaster or trowel style glass cloths… The choice depends on the tastes and desires of each one. These effects make it possible to bring relief to the ceiling or to the wall.

The advantages of glass cloth

This coating is now enjoying immense success on the market because it is the perfect solution for masking irregularities in walls and ceilings and hiding any small cracks. Indeed, it provides a number of significant advantages.

The fiberglass canvas is first of all accessible to all budgets. The square meter is worth between 1 to 8 euros, depending on the quality and thickness. It is a little more in terms of sound and heat insulation, but it all depends on the quality chosen. And that’s not all ! Once installed, the canvas can be repainted many times, therefore ideal for regularly changing the colors of its walls.

The different techniques of laying the glass cloth

Before laying the coating, it is imperative to prepare the support. The first step is to seal the various cracks. Then, it is also advisable to remove the old wallpaper and the chips of paint that remain. A cleaning completes the preparation stage.

Then comes the actual pose. The ease of operation depends on the type of product selected. The fact is that there are different types of fiberglass fabrics on the market. The pre-glued model is the most popular because it saves time.

There are also pre-painted fabrics which have been previously undercoated and which are used on ceilings. Either way, choose the glue that’s right for your fiberglass mat to make your job easier.

What is the cost of installing the glass cloth by a professional?

To plan your budget for the installation of glass cloth by a professional, you will have to take into account two essential criteria, namely the cost of the material, which can vary from one product to another, and the price charged by the craftsman for the installation.

The price of glass cloth

If the glass cloth is more expensive than the classic wallpaper, it is also more solid and protective.

The average price per linear meter of glass cloth varies between 1 and 9 euros on average, depending on the quality of the product, the manufacturer, the brand, the weight and the type.

A roll of glass cloth is about 25 meters long, and will therefore cost you 20 to 90 euros on average. As an indication, a classic weight glass cloth, recommended and sufficient in most situations, will cost you between 30 and 40 euros per roll.

The price of the installation of the glass cloth by a professional

The glass cloth is not really difficult to install, but it does require patience and a good hand for perfect regularity. Its particularity is that it must be placed quickly so as not to alter it. Professionals are used to it; Calling on their know-how is therefore a good way to ensure a quality result.

A professional can install the glass cloth that you have previously purchased, or provide the equipment himself. At your convenience. However, ask to check the quality of the product he applies if you choose the second option, in order to be sure to pay the right price.

On average, installers charge between 15 and 20 euros per square meter for their service, excluding supplies.

The price with supply is generally advantageous and varies between 20 and 30 euros per square meter, installation and equipment included. In addition, the service generally includes the application of a coat of primer or a classic white paint.

Ancillary costs for laying glass cloth

The installation of a glass cloth is accompanied by additional costs that you will have to take into account in your budget.

  • The removal of the old wallpaper: allow 5 to 10 euros per square meter.
  • Glue for glass fabric: count 5 to 15 euros for an average coverage of 30 m².
  • Paint to cover the glass cloth: a professional will charge you an average of 30 euros per square meter. Of course, the price varies according to the quality of the paint chosen. If you decide to repaint the canvas yourself, tell yourself that the purchase of the paint represents a certain budget, varying from 10 to more than 50 euros per square meter depending on the model chosen.

Have precise and detailed quotes drawn up by several professional painters. Compare the proposals according to the detail of the service. Feel free to compare and negotiate to find the offer that offers the best value for money.

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