Fire doors to prevent the spread of fire

Did you know that certain establishments and buildings must be equipped with fire doors, particularly those frequented by the general public? For good reason, it is a real safety device that helps save lives in the event of a fire.

Are fire doors mandatory?

Before, when I was told about deaths linked to a fire, I immediately thought of burns, or even crushing caused by the collapse of construction materials from a building. And it was only after a gas explosion in a building in my neighborhood that I learned that smoke poisoning can also cause death. People who inhale them in the event of a fire expose themselves to burns to the respiratory tract, and even to the lungs.

But if I make a short introduction on the dangers of a fire, it is simply to insist on the great importance of installing fire doors in residential, commercial or professional buildings. Indeed, since the entry into force of the decree of January 31, 1986 on protection against fire, even if these devices are not yet required in rental property, it is, on the other hand, compulsory in buildings which are qualified as High-Rise Building (IGH) and Establishment Receiving the Public or ERP

The main function of a security door is to limit the fire

Thus, as their name suggests, these partitions, which must have a high resistance to fire, will mainly have the task of temporarily containing the fire, thus allowing the security services to evacuate people or property in peace. present on the premises.

The aim is to slow down the spread of the flames as much as possible, but above all of the smoke which spreads quickly and easily into all the interstices and small empty spaces present on the doors. This is also why the presence of security doors must be clearly indicated to prevent them from being opened. And depending on the fire tightness, the resistance of a fire door can range from fifteen minutes to two hours.

French and European standards classify them into three main categories: fire-resistant (SF), flame-arresting (PF) and fire-resistant (CF).

Install fire doors in your homes

And if you are about to renovate or even build your house, do not overlook security doors, since this equipment is no longer reserved for public and professional premises, but is also intended for individuals.

Thus, for the installation of a firebreak device on my garage, I appealed to, a company recommended by friends. A sectional door which offers very good sound and heat insulation with its 40 millimeters thickness and this without taking into account its great ease of handling given that the gate is motorized, as well as delivered with a gate.

Otherwise, its fire resistance is at least thirty minutes. Furthermore, as the kitchen is one of the rooms in the house with the greatest risk of fire, I also decided to equip it with an interior door, again Teckentrup.

Otherwise, there is also a very wide range of fire doors on the market: sliding, hinged, up-and-over, guillotine, rolling or even folding hatches… It is up to each owner to find the model that best suits their needs. safety, as well as the architecture and style of his home.

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