which plants? What medium?

Today, the outdoor space is a real extension of the house so that we spend a lot of time there with family or friends during convivial moments. In order to maintain privacy, it is necessary to install a screen system to block prying eyes from neighbors or passers-by. This effective solution also avoids that we … Read more

Where and how to install it ?

The insect hotel finds its place in all gardens, in the vegetable garden, in the orchard and in the pleasure garden. It is a shelter made up of huts, real rooms intended to attract and protect a number of auxiliaries, friends of the gardener. They can shelter there in any season and reproduce there. By … Read more

6 mistakes not to make

Permaculture is a method of gardening that relies on biodiversity. It makes it possible to create a self-sufficient garden and to harvest healthy products. This requires some knowledge and setting up a permaculture garden is not done in a jiffy. Getting started is sometimes difficult, and before the vegetable garden is self-sufficient, amateur gardeners suffer … Read more

how to avoid being invaded and eradicate it?

There are many species of thistles (thistle). These plants of the family of Asteraceae are, for many of them, considered as harmful plants with a very strong power of dissemination having a considerable impact on the balance of ecosystems. This is the case of field thistle (Cirsium arvense). Moreover, the law requires its destruction according … Read more

How to attract pollinating insects to the garden?

It is essential to plant plant species particularly sought after by pollinating insects because in addition to preserve biodiversity they devour many garden pests. Let’s see what are the main pollinating insects that can be found in our latitudes and what plants should be favored to attract them. Our main pollinating insects to preserve The … Read more