Clematis: planting culture care and flowering

There are nearly 300 varieties of clematis, climbing or herbaceous plants with extremely diverse shapes and colors, deciduous or evergreen, and which bloom at different times of the year. With their large flowers, they turn out to be pure wonders in the garden or on the terrace since they can be planted in the ground … Read more

Daffodil: planting cultivation care flowering

What a joy to see your lawn strewn with real daffodils (Narcissus jonquil) of a sunny yellow that will brighten up the garden from the month of February! The daffodil belongs to the genus Narcissus. It is also a narcissus, but make no mistake, the other narcissus are not daffodils! Anyway, we can absolutely plant … Read more

Begonia: planting maintenance watering flowering

There are many species of begonias that can be grouped into two categories, the annual begonias and the tuberous begonias whose tubers are perennials. Sometimes called hybrids, these are the result of many crosses. It is very interesting to cultivate several of them to take advantage of their flowers with different shapes and a wide … Read more

Arum: planting growing maintenance flowering

Arums are sought after for their abundant flowering, which is both elegant and original. Their cornet spathes, which make it possible to create magnificent bouquets that hold well in a vase, are of great beauty. Depending on the variety, this bulbous blooms from May-June until September, bringing immaculate white or even very colorful notes to … Read more