Planting strawberry trees : when and how ? Our advice

Fall is the perfect time to transplant your evergreen strawberry plants. As for the non-remontant varieties, they are planted in the spring. By respecting the gardener’s calendar, you can enjoy delicious strawberries on sunny days. What could be better than producing your own crops yourself? The strawberry plant is really very easy to cultivate, in … Read more

Old tomatoes : which ones to grow for their taste color and originality ?

Red, orange, black, purple, green, yellow, zebra‚Ķ varieties of heirloom tomatoes are making a comeback on our shelves. No wonder gardeners want to grow them: in addition to bringing an original and colorful touch to the vegetable garden but also to our plates, they are incomparable in terms of taste. Here are some exceptional heirloom … Read more