Cacti and succulents: maintenance and repotting

Cacti and succulents tolerate drought happily. All these succulents are therefore ideal for people who tend to forget to water their plants. But they still need some attention to thrive. Let’s take stock of the maintenance and repotting of all the succulents distributed in various plant families and which are colloquially called succulents. Succulent Care … Read more

Hibiscus – Chinese Rose: maintenance repotting pruning and flowering

The Hibiscus nicknamed China Rose is a shrub with sumptuous flowering, assimilated to an indoor plant in our latitudes where it is frequently grown in pots. This species is frost-living, its indoor cultivation is therefore preferable in our regions with harsh winters. This does not prevent it from being installed on the terrace in summer … Read more

Dipladenia or Mandevilla : care repotting watering and flowering

The Mandeville or Dipladeniawhich we call Jasmine from Brazil, is a climbing plant native to South America, which is appreciated for its abundant flowering which flourishes on twining lianas of 2 to 3 meters. The trumpet-shaped flowers come in different colors, pink, red, white or yellow. They follow one another in profusion from the month … Read more