Japanese maple: planting cultivation maintenance and pruning

There are many varieties of Japanese maples, of different sizes, but all without exception have more or less cut foliage, of great beauty, adorning themselves with autumn colors of the most beautiful effect, igniting the parks and gardens of their sublime tones. Depending on its height in adulthood, this tree can be planted singly, in … Read more

Rose Laurel: planting cultivation care and flowering

The Oleander brings to the garden a Mediterranean touch that we appreciate a lot when we live in a region with sometimes very sad weather. This splendid shrub with abundant flowering, with single or double flowers, comes in different colors. It offers us its magnificence throughout the summer and punctuates the garden, terrace or balcony … Read more

Rhododendron: planting cultivation care and flowering

The Rhododendron is a flowering shrub whose foliage is persistent. Ses abundant flowers with multiple shapes and colors depending on the variety, are grouped in spectacular inflorescences contrasting magnificently with the dark green of the leaves. Depending on its variety, this large shrub reaches between 3 and 5 meters in height. It can be used … Read more