Gate: 6 questions to ask yourself before choosing it

Do you want to invest in a new portal? Here are 6 questions to ask yourself before making your choice.

1 – Quel design ?

Your visitors are in front of your portal: this is the first impression they have when they arrive at your home. Your gate immediately sets the tone for your home. It’s an introduction to how you’ve probably arranged your interior. If you want to buy a gate, you should not consider it as an isolated element, because it must form a harmonious whole with the garden fence, a hedge or a wall.

2 – What about security?

The principle of the gate is also to prevent invited people from entering your property. If your gate is also to be used for security purposes, you need to take a closer look when choosing it. The lock of the desired model should be reliable and should not be easy to pick.

3 – A swing gate or a sliding gate?

If you are interested in a portal, you will quickly discover that the choice is not so easy. The gates can be opened either by sliding or by swinging. There are very simple models and double-door models. Whether you choose a swing gate or a sliding gate is a matter of space and your needs. The swing gate requires more space, but it is easier to install. Sliding gates offer greater comfort of use and are space-saving. Swing and sliding gates have different space requirements. For hinged doors, there is a gap to adjust when opening. For the sliding gate, sufficient lateral rolling space must be provided. Approximately 30% of the gate width must be added for the drive mechanism. Sliding gates are more space efficient. Electric-operated sliding gates are also practical and well suited if you frequently enter and leave your home. On the other hand, the swing gate, especially if it is made of wrought iron, lends itself particularly well to elegant pleasure gardens.

Sliding gates can have a rail or not. In the case of a gate with rail, during its installation, small irregularities in the floor are forgivable. The rolling gate requires some maintenance, as the rail must be cleaned regularly, cleared of snow, leaves and frost. The moving parts of the gate should be oiled regularly. You can choose between a single-leaf or two-leaf swing gate. Double-leaf gates are suitable for entrances of all sizes. When planning it, please take into account the space required for the rotation of the door. All swing gates need proper hinge maintenance to facilitate their movement.

4 – What material for its gate?

You are also spoiled for choice when it comes to materials, so you can choose one that suits the style of your garden. Adapt your gate as much as possible to your environment. How your house and garden look, make it look in harmony, just like with the adjacent fence. And then, your gate must be solid, durable and above all easy to maintain. It is important that the model you choose is weatherproof so that you can enjoy it for a long time. Noble wood, iron, steel, combination of several materials, how to decide? Each gate material has its own properties and advantages.

  • If you choose a wooden gate, you are not making a bad choice at the start. The wood is robust and fits into its surroundings in a modern way. A wooden gate is distinguished by its beautiful appearance and long service life, which makes it particularly popular. However, a wooden gate has not only advantages, but also disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of a wooden gate that is good to consider is that it requires a lot of maintenance. Indeed, regular varnishing of the wood is absolutely necessary to enjoy your gate for a long time.
  • Your gate can be made of plastic materials. These materials also have advantages to offer, but also disadvantages. The plastic material of a gate is not very sturdy, but it is extremely weather resistant and can be made in many different looks. Such a plastic gate is very easy to maintain. You just need to scrub it with water to clean it. However, in strong sunlight, it may happen that the color of your gate fades.
  • metal gates as iron gates are particularly robust. They are not only robust, but also safe and weatherproof. Some gates are made of galvanized metal, that is to say they offer a protective coating that provides extreme resistance to bad weather.

5 – What dimensions for its portal?

The first thing to consider is the right height, because if the garden gate is too tall it will look too bulky, while if it is too small it will not protect your property. Consider the height and width of your gate carefully. If you have a car or any vehicle, make sure it fits comfortably through your gate.

6 – A manual or electric gate?

Most garden gates open by hand, but there are also more luxurious models with an electric mechanism. Technology is not negligible, a modern garden gate that opens by itself also requires a stable connection to the garden fence. Thus, if a garden fence is already in place, it is essential to consider it: it will guide you in choosing your gate.

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