Gazebo and pergola: what’s the difference?

You dream of a protected space to enjoy your garden in all weathers. In the shade and sheltered from the wind, being able to stroll with a good book, enjoy its terrace in all seasons, what a joy! If in addition this shelter is elegant and decorative, and you can climb some beautiful flowers on its structures, what more could you ask for? Nothing like a pergola, or an arbor… But what is the difference between the two?

The pergola settles in the garden for a long time.

Queen of the garden, the pergola settles there permanently. This is its strong point, at least if you want a year-round installation. Perfectly decorative, the pergola knows how to blend into a garden, welcoming climbing vegetation that will give it a beautiful look.

A construction made to last.

Designed as a real living room, a sort of winter garden, the pergola can extend your home by leaning elegantly against it. Its size then varies according to the width and height of your facade, as well as the surface of the terrace it is intended to cover. The pergola can also move away from the house, in freestanding form, to form an island of calm and freshness in the heart of the garden. It will be installed at the edge of a swimming pool or a piece of water, or anywhere in the garden. It’s up to you. Its construction requires a building permit beyond 20 m2. It is true that it is a solid structure, which will stand the test of time without ever losing its charm.

Retro or modern, the choice is yours.

The pergolas of the last centuries were made of wood or metal, the walls being made up of an openwork trellis which was gradually filled with climbing plants. This charm of the old pergola, which can still be found in the gardens, has not prevented it from modernizing. There are now bioclimatic pergolas, covered with aluminum slats capable of orienting themselves according to the desired degree of sunshine. These modern pergolas know how to regulate the heat and protect you from the rain or the wind, which makes it a pleasant space all year round.

The charm of a green roof

Built to protect a terrace, the pergola gives it the freshness of a green roof. Let the wisteria or Virginia creeper climb, they will bring the sweetness of their perfume and the shade of their foliage. Without forgetting the pleasure of gardening this strange house, whose plant cover you will enjoy maintaining. Admit that this elegant structure gives character to your garden. What could be better than a little green refuge for romantic dates or endless chatter over tea. Iced or hot tea, depending on the season.

The gazebo, versatile and all-terrain

When you don’t want to start building a pergola, but you still want a protected relaxation area to enjoy the sun…? In this case, don’t hesitate: it’s an arbor that you need!

Lightweight, put it where you want!

The garden arbor is characterized by a structure on four legs surmounted by a pointed roof, with or without walls. Gone are the days of wooden arbors, although you can still find beautiful wooden and trellis structures, with a bit of an old-fashioned charm. Nowadays they come in an aluminum structure covered with canvas or PVC, or leaning against the house, covering a terrace with their shade cloth. The main advantage of these new generation gazebos is their lightness which makes them capable of being installed wherever they are needed. Light and resistant, they offer appreciable shelter against the sun and the rain. The freestanding gazebo comes with modular walls, which you can add or remove depending on the weather. This is enough to ensure the holding of a barbecue or an aperitif in the garden, whatever the whims of the sky.

Inexpensive and space-saving

There are arbors of different qualities, but the least we can say is that it adapts to all budgets. You can find it from €50, which makes it a rather light investment, too. Being as easy to assemble as it is to disassemble, you can take it out when the need arises. And if you move the location of the bbq, just move your gazebo. When the summer season is over, you can simply store it in a corner of the garage, until next time. Keep in mind, however, that a lower quality gazebo will wear out faster and last less.

Simple, elegant and varied

Arbors found today come in different shapes, sizes or colors (although they are mostly white). Make your choice according to your taste or your needs. Often rectangular in shape, they can also adopt a hexagonal or circular shape, which is reminiscent of its wooden ancestors. Thanks to the variety of sizes and materials available, the gazebo adapts to your garden and your needs of use. Great luxury or modest shelter, the choice is yours. There will always be an arbor for you.

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