Home Staging : better sell your home by doing some work

Housing professionals are categorical, carrying out work makes it possible to sell a house better, it can be major work as well as very small adjustments to create a crush on the buyer. This is the definition of Home Staging.

Invest in your house to sell

A personalized house is in the image of the seller but it will not necessarily correspond to that of the buyer. While some owners have modern tastes and a decoration that can attract buyers, others sometimes have more classic tastes and not necessarily in the image of the buyer. All in all, it is often recommended to invest a little in the sale to maximize your chances of selling and this requires work.

It can be major work, that is to say the complete renovation of a completely deteriorated roof, the construction of a veranda or an additional room, or even the insulation of the house. These major works are expensive but can eventually be recovered during the sale, provided that the price of the house is in line with the market.

It can also be small decoration works, to offer a neutral good in particular, works that are not expensive but which have an interest, that of refining the finish of the house because everything is decided in the finish on certain goods. similar: paintings, decoration, baseboards, doors, joinery, etc.

Jobs that work best

The basic works to resell a property are those of painting, that is to say to refurbish the paintings of the walls and ceilings with light and neutral tones. It is possible to do this work yourself or to request a painting estimate from a professional. New paintings allow the buyer to project himself better.

The purchase of a fitted kitchen or bathroom furniture are other recommended works, as is the cleaning of the roof and exterior walls. We must not forget for a house with a garden to take care of the exteriors, especially if the sale is made during the summer periods, this allows the buyer to project himself in summer, on the terrace or in the garden directly, it is important. It is necessary if necessary to call on a landscaper for maintenance, see the creation of a garden with plantations, see Lemanueldestravaux.com to find out more. A maintained exterior reassures and adds value to the house.

Finally, decluttering does not cost much, except for the rental of a box for sellers who do not have a garage or a place to store unnecessary furniture. It is important to leave space in the house to leave a larger and less oppressive surface impression.

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