Household alcohol : for what use ? What precautions should be taken?

A real ally for home maintenance, household alcohol is a product made up of methylated spirits, but with a less powerful smell. Effective in all rooms, it cleans, degreases, disinfects, shines and eliminates foul odors effortlessly on a wide range of surfaces, materials and textiles. Let’s take a look at its characteristics, its different uses and the precautions to be taken before use.

What is household alcohol?

Household alcohol is actually rubbing alcohol that has been denatured, which makes its smell more bearable and pleasant on a daily basis. It consists of approximately 75% methylated spirit, ethanol, methanol and a disinfectant.

If it can be sold at 70° or 90°, it is very effective and multi-use within the house. Indeed, it cleans, it disinfects, it detaches, it shines, it degreases, it eliminates bad smells… and that’s not all! Less dangerous than most other powerful products that can be used indoors, it is possible to use it without a mask, but wearing protective gloves is still recommended! If you want to perfume your interior at the same time, there are formulas that contain pleasant fragrances.

How to use household alcohol?

Household alcohol can be used in many ways thanks to its many properties. Here are its main uses.

He cleans

Household alcohol cleans multiple surfaces within the home. Plastics, tiles, linoleum, earthenware, mirrors, stainless steel, blinds… it can be used on almost everything. It is enough to apply it pure or diluted in water on your surfaces to be cleaned using a sponge or a clean cloth. No need to get tired of rubbing, it acts effortlessly or almost. It can even clean your floors and make them spotless; moreover, it makes them dry much faster.

Be careful however, be sure to rinse surfaces and objects that can be put in the mouths of children or licked by your pets with clear water.

It disinfects

To eliminate microbes, bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds and other festivities of this type, household alcohol is the solution. Soak a clean sponge or cloth with pure household alcohol or diluted in a little water and clean your surfaces to be disinfected such as kitchen worktops, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher , the table, the toilets, the garbage cans, but also computers, telephones, keyboards and mice, tablets, game consoles, etc.

For any fragile device, be sure to use a cloth moistened with household alcohol or a well-wrung sponge.

It shines

Household alcohol makes many objects and surfaces shine. It is particularly useful for restoring their original shine to your jewelry and metal objects. It can make your ceramic hob and stainless steel worktops or sinks shine. It is also ideal for removing traces of limescale from surfaces, sinks and washbasins as well as kitchen and bathroom taps.

To do this, apply household alcohol using a clean cloth that you have soaked and wrung out. For very dirty or rusty surfaces and objects, soak them in a basin filled with rubbing alcohol and leave to act overnight. Finish by drying with a clean cloth the next day. This solution is particularly effective and safe on jewelry.

He degreases

Household alcohol is very useful for degreasing surfaces, especially windows and mirrors. It removes all greasy and dusty deposits without leaving any trace.

Simply pour household alcohol into a basin-like container. Leave in the open air for about ten minutes and form balls with newspaper. Soak half of the newspaper in rubbing alcohol and rub the surfaces in circular motions. Let dry and finish by polishing with a clean microfiber cloth if necessary.

He detaches

Household alcohol detaches your surfaces and fabrics, even fragile ones, without difficulty. To do this, soak a clean cloth in pure product, dab the stained area, rinse and put the textile in the washing machine.

It is effective on stains from chocolate, paint, wine, grease, wax, glue, ink, chewing gum, vegetables, plants, makeup, and more!

It eliminates bad odors

Wipe smelly surfaces and textiles with bad odors with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. This will eliminate bad odors such as those of shoes, cat urine and other such festivities.

It defrosts

If frost coats your vehicle, pour rubbing alcohol on the windshield, windows and doors. You can even take preventive action and pour it in the evening before the frost to save time the next day.

What precautions for use should be observed with household alcohol?

Household alcohol does not really present any danger in use, but it remains a product for which certain precautions must be observed.

Always use it in a ventilated room, even with open windows to avoid the risk of dizziness or headache. Remember to wear protective gloves to handle it.

Keep household alcohol out of the reach of children and animals, in a tightly closed bottle and always away from fire or heat, as it is flammable.

Finally, never dilute bleach in rubbing alcohol, as these two products should not be mixed.

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