How to adjust and calibrate a thermostatic mixer ?

The function of a thermostatic mixing valve is to provide a constant temperature and flow. So that you can enjoy it in your bath (and also on your bill), don’t forget to calibrate and calibrate it beforehand. If you haven’t already, here are some explanations for a simple and effective adjustment of your thermostatic mixer.

A thermostatic system, how does it work?

For you, the presence of a mixer is the guarantee of a pleasant shower, which does not swing from hot to cold every thirty seconds… To benefit from a constant temperature and a regular flow, certain conditions must be met. reunited.

  • The thermostatic mixing valve must be connected to the two water inlets : hot and cold. Its role is precisely to ensure the best possible mixture, for water at the ideal temperature.
  • In the factory, the mixing valves are preset to provide water at 38°C. If you want another temperature, an adjustment is necessary.
  • This only works if your boiler or your cumulus produces water at a constant temperature of 65° C. If this is not the case, your mixer will not be able to fulfill its mission, whatever the desired temperature.
  • Calibrate the mixer is essential. This involves adjusting the mixer so that it produces water at the indicated temperature.

Easy calibration in 4 steps

Start by bringing a thermometer and a small flat screwdriver.

  • Run water and measure its temperature. In principle, it should be at 38° C, the temperature set in the factory. But in reality… you will see what the thermometer indicates! If the water is hotter or colder, it’s time to adjust the mixer.
  • Disassemble the cover and remove the small screw knob, then remove the knob.
  • Once you’ve removed all that, turn the adjustment screw so that it is in the position 38° C. You can optionally choose another temperature, depending on what suits you.
  • Re-position the knob to the selected temperature, then screw the cover back on and put it back in place. It’s finish.

It may happen that adjustment is not possible when the installation has been adjusted by a professional and is limited at 38°C. Do not hesitate to ask him for advice and see with him if he needs to make a change to allow you to adjust the temperature independently.

What if it still doesn’t work after adjustment?

If after properly calibrating your mixer, it still delivers water at a different or unstable temperature, there is a small problem.

  • Check that the power supply Cold water works normally. If a malfunction occurs on this side, the mixing valve cannot ensure temperature regulation.
  • If the flow rate is weak or inconsistent, it is possible that a leak occurred at the tap. It will be necessary to disassemble the thermostatic mixing valve and clean the cartridge, or even change it.
  • If the mixer is broken and you don’t want to start dismantling it, don’t hesitate to contact a specialist.

Depending on the model of thermostatic mixer you have, the configuration may vary slightly. If in doubt, you can always consult the instructions or, failing that, the brand’s website, on which you will find a tutorial or useful explanations.

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