How to arrange your attic intelligently: our advice!

When the lack of space begins to be felt in the house, the development of the attic is an option that can be considered. Unfortunately in my case, too much work would have to be scheduled to make the attic habitable.

Convertible attic or lost?

As in my case the horizontal extension was not feasible, I had no choice but to convert the attic to gain the coveted square meters. However, my project can only be realized under certain conditions. And the first thing to do is to check if the attic is habitable. To do this, the height of the ceiling under the wooden frame must be greater than 1.80 meters.

For questions of occupant comfort, a slope of the roof at more than 45 degrees is also necessary if you want to transform the attic into a living room. Otherwise, an elevation of the roof is to be expected. Hence the interest of checking whether the development of the attic is worth it because a modification of the main frame is synonymous with heavy and therefore expensive work. But I can already consider myself lucky: my attic fulfills all the conditions.

The essential elements to take into account

I now have to find the budget to finance the work. For this, I took out a loan with a very interesting APR in an online credit institution. Once my file was submitted and accepted, I started looking for the craftsman who would take care of the refurbishment of this new living space. Yes, despite my knowledge of DIY, I prefer to entrust this work to a professional.

The reason ? There are many things to consider when designing this room. For a pleasant quality of life under the roof, both in summer and winter, the room must be well insulated. In addition, skylights and roof windows will also be installed, so that the attic is well lit. And finally, to support the furniture, the floor covering must be chosen in a solid material, if possible with insulating properties. For all this, my DIY knowledge is reaching its limits!

Converted attic for what purpose?

Once the premises were arranged and therefore habitable, my very first idea was to transform the space into another living room, in addition to the living room, to create a small cinema area where I would install my oversize projection screen. and my home cinema. Nearby, separated by a bar island, a playroom for children will allow them to have their own space. And no awkward cohabitation because I will enjoy my cinema corner only when the children are in bed.

Depending on the expansion needs of your home, the attic can also be converted to accommodate a guest bedroom with its modern and cozy bathroom, with why not its small spa, or even an office area. Otherwise, with neighbors, they have set up their kitchen in the attic. And the effect is simply very successful.

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