How to arrange a living room into several distinct spaces ?

As the living room is one of the essential rooms of the house, we are constantly rethinking its layout in order to adapt the premises to our way of life and our needs. All the more reason to also review its windows and its dressing.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are synonymous with a well-lit home

When your patio doors begin to lose insulation, it is high time to replace them because these poorly insulated openings cause significant heat loss. Unfortunately, in this case, repair work is no longer possible. Their replacement is often necessary. And the big trend right now is bay windows. Indeed, apart from their very modern and perfectly waterproof side, these window models will also improve the brightness of your home. The room will thus be able to benefit from good lighting from natural light. But opting for bay windows also means betting on good thermal and sound insulation, especially for double glazing. Think about the energy savings on your next bills!

Once your bay windows are installed, you will then have to find the models of blinds that best suit your new windows. Specializing for more than a quarter of a century in window coverings, has, among other things, built its reputation on the quality and great diversity of its ranges of blinds. Roller shutter, mosquito net, Japanese panel… Entirely made in France, most of these products even offer thermal and solar protection. And when it comes to interior blinds, you’re spoiled for choice between Venetian blinds, boat, pleated, vertical strips or roll-up. Available in a very wide range of colors, each model is available in different materials including aluminum, plexiglass, wood and leather.

Make your living room a multifunctional room

How to transform your living room into a friendly place to live and relax where each member of the family will find their place? Nothing could be simpler, just divide the room into distinct zones with well-defined features. However, above all else, don’t forget that you receive your guests there. Thus, before dividing the room, think first of clearly delimiting the reception and reception area.

Afterwards, you can devote yourself to decorating your television area. Prefer a place not too far from a power source for connecting your HDTV, blue-ray player, home theater and others. Be careful though, for your comfort the TV must be at eye level. And of course, a minimum distance must be observed between the sofa and the screen. You can also choose to fix the picture box to the wall or install it on a designer TV cabinet.

The furniture can then both serve as a library. Nearby, but in a somewhat secluded area, you can set up a small reading corner. Do not lose sight of the fact that this space must be very well lit, particularly at nightfall, but above all intimate and warm. Do not hesitate to invest in a comfortable and cozy old sofa equipped with soft cushions. Finally, don’t forget a very soft rug on the feet and the side table where the cup of tea or the mug of hot chocolate will be placed!

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