How to change a car battery? Which one to choose?

Changing a car battery is a simple and easy mechanical repair that you can do yourself with some guidance and a minimum of physical strength. To change your car battery, follow these instructions.

Safety instructions

Make sure beforehand that your car is parked on a flat surface, away from traffic, or any other situation which could be the source of a bodily or material accident. Then, also make sure that the ignition is switched off and that the handbrake is well engaged. Open the cover and secure it properly. The battery should be in view in the engine compartment of the car: identify the fixing mechanisms to be removed, which vary slightly depending on the vehicle.

All you have to do is unscrew the two battery terminals, then remove it from the vehicle. Take particular care that the terminals are never in contact, for example because of a screwdriver or a wire placed too close to the battery.

How to choose your new battery

With the vast array of automotive batteries on the market, choosing the right one can be confusing. First fundamental necessity: the physical size of the battery, and the characteristics corresponding to the model of your vehicle. Cost is another consideration. Maintenance-required car batteries are generally inexpensive, but don’t last as long as maintenance-free batteries.

In order not to make mistakes and to choose the right battery, it is also advisable to read the user manual carefully. Another possibility is to find out at a car center or on the internet in order to have in hand all the characteristics of the battery that is suitable for your vehicle. When choosing a battery, always favor the best known brands as well as, if possible, the original mount.

Replace battery

To properly replace your car battery, once all the safety instructions have been followed, the battery change process is as follows:

  • install the new battery and clearly mark the plus and minus terminals,
  • fix the terminals by tightening them well,
  • Properly replace all the fasteners to keep the battery in place,
  • replace the accessories that you may have had to remove when removing the battery,
  • close the hood of the car.

Other Precautions to Consider

When you have to replace your car’s battery, it is also essential to check beforehand whether your car radio does not have an unlock code. Also think beforehand to make a small check if other safety instructions do not apply specifically to your vehicle when changing batteries. To do this, refer to your vehicle’s user manual.

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