How to change the hubcaps of your car ?

Changing the hubcaps of your car is one of the small DIY interventions useful in everyday life. Before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s first discuss the usefulness of hubcaps, then the price range in which they can be found. And to complete the information on this subject, we will also discuss the tips and tricks for choosing them well.

What are hubcaps used for?

Also called wheel caps, hubcaps are metal or plastic objects placed outside the wheel of a car. In fact, hubcaps are only for decorative purposes. Attaching to the rim, they mainly serve as an aesthetic covering for the wheel. On the other hand, the hubcaps can contribute to the protection of the rims against possible shocks or dirt. For this, the hubcaps must be of good quality.

What price range for new hubcaps?

Generally, hubcaps are sold in sets of 4 for a price of around 20 to 60 euros. However, some stores may sell them individually. In this case, they are generally worth 5 to 15 euros depending on their dimensions. The price of hubcaps actually depends not only on their size, but also on their brand.

How to choose your hubcaps?

First of all, to choose the right hubcaps, you have to start by determining their size, because each car has its own wheel dimensions and therefore its own hubcap characteristics. It’s relatively simple, just note the last number on the sidewalls of your tires, for example 195X50X15, so it will be 15 inch hubcaps. The dimension is usually between 13 and 17 inches, and even beyond. Next, the material: a top quality hubcap is made from virgin PVC granules. To recognize a good material, a hubcap must be flexible without being too soft. If it is too rigid, the wheel cover may break easily.

Finally, preferably, you should choose hubcaps with several layers of paint and varnish. The more layers it has, the more it will resist scratches and dents, especially in successive automatic washes. Finally, check the number of fixing hooks inside the hubcap. These must be numerous enough for the hubcap to remain in place in the event of an impact.

How to change hubcaps step by step?

Changing your hubcaps is very simple. To begin, remove the old hubcap if it is still there. To do this, no tool is needed, the hubcaps are simply clipped on. However, it will take a little pressure to overcome it.

The hubcaps are delivered with metal reinforcements which serve to reinforce the rigidity of the material but also to hold the hubcap in place effectively. This frame is fixed using lugs on the inside of the trim. They are sort of quavers. Once the frame is in place, to install the hubcap on the wheel, you must align the notch and the valve to inflate the tires. Then simply clip on the hubcap and tap around the entire circumference of the wheel with your fist to hold it securely in place.

Ultimately, changing your hubcaps yourself is easier than it seems. Just follow these clear and concise steps. You now know how to change your hubcaps yourself, but also what they are for and how to choose them. Three important points to remember: take the diameter of your rims into account when purchasing, ensure that the valve on the rim coincides with the opening on the hubcap and finally, do not hesitate to tap a little harder when installing your new hubcaps.

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