How to choose an above-ground or semi-sunken wooden pool?

If you cannot or do not wish to build a solid swimming pool, there remains the possibility of installing either an above-ground wooden swimming pool, or a semi-buried wooden swimming pool which can also be a swimming lane. Let’s discover the particularities of each and the budget to devote to it.

Main characteristics of the above ground wooden pool

The above ground pool is the simplest solution and the less expensive when you do not want to have to carry out major earthworks for its installation. In effect, one slab is enough to support this type of pool placed on the ground. To be considered above ground, none of its parts must be buried. This wooden pool can be placed on any type of ground and is ideal for both small and large spaces.

Variable administrative procedures

The distance between the pool and the property line of neighbors must be at least 10 foot. Another advantage and not the least: the above ground pool does not require no administrative procedure when its area is less than 10 m², or when it measures more than 10 m² but is installed for a period limited to 3 consecutive months. Note that this duration is reduced to 15 days only in classified sites.

On the other hand, a prior declaration of work must be filed with the town hall of his municipality for an above-ground swimming pool installed for more than 3 consecutive months and with an area of ​​more than 10 m² and less than 100 m².

No need for earthworks

Once the masonry work has been carried out to make the support slab, the wooden above ground pool can be installed in two days to the maximum. In terms of installation cost, this product remains accessible because the development work is less. You can opt for a model sold as a kit to assemble yourself, the ideal being to be able to count on a few good souls to get help.

No obligation in terms of safety devices

Because of its height, the above-ground swimming pool is currently considered to pose no problem in terms of safety. Also is she not not related to legal obligation to install a fence or an alarm system, a shelter or a cover, unlike other types of pools.

A solid and rigid pool

An above-ground wooden swimming pool guarantees good stiffness because of its planks and its wooden frame. She is solid, and its design even allows it to be buried if desired. This type of wooden pool has accessories, a filtration system and a liner that seals the pool. It comes in various shapes and sizes. It is an aesthetic rigid swimming pool which integrates into any outdoor space allowing the creation of a pleasant universe intended for well-being and relaxation.

Removable and transportable

To preserve its longevity, it is recommended to cover with a specific tarpaulin during the whole wintering period. It is therefore not necessary to dismantle it. But it also has the advantage of being able to be dismantled and reinstalled elsewhere if necessary, which represents a major interest for the people tenants of their house with garden for example.

A very affordable price for the wooden above ground pool

The vast majority of models of wooden above ground pools costs between 2,500 and 5,500 € models and the price of the most sophisticated can rise to around 9,000 to 10,000 €. It takes 1,000 to 2,000 € more for the concrete slab depending on its dimensions.

We choose our swimming pool according to:

  • From its budget of course,
  • of the space we have,
  • Family needs.

If it is to be used by several people throughout the summer, you might as well opt for sufficient dimensions so that bathers do not get in each other’s way.

Small wooden swimming pool

Source : Raviday Piscine

Characteristic of the semi-buried wooden swimming pool

We speak of a semi-buried swimming pool when its base is buriedeven over a height of a few centimetres, the rest of the pool being above ground.

Compulsory earthworks

By its configuration, it allows to enjoy a basin deep enough without having to dig much ground. However, in order to be able to bury it at least in part, demolition work are absolutely essential.

Administrative procedures to follow

Administrative procedures are necessary because the installation of a semi-buried swimming pool requires earthworks. It is necessary to go sufficiently in advance to the town hall of its commune to be confirmed the type of formalities which are essential. For information, a building permit is mandatory in either of the following cases:

  • If we build a swimming pool enclosure – whether it is a fixed model or a mobile model – when its height is equal to or greater than 1.80 m.
  • And at basin area is greater than 100 m².

A declaration of work is generally sufficient if the swimming pool measures less than 100 m² and is not surmounted by a shelter at least 1.80 m high.

You should never start the work before having received the answer from the town hall.

A half-buried wooden swimming lane

Perfect for athletes, the swimming lane comes in wood and can be semi-buried. It allows the swimming enthusiasts to really swim every day because of its specific dimensions since it is much longer than it is wide. For example, you can opt for a 10 x 2 m or 12 x 3 m model. A real asset to maintain excellent physical shape and fight against overweight.

Examples of prices for a semi-buried wooden swimming pool

Semi-buried wooden swimming pool small model from €3,000, medium model of 3.50 x 3.50 from €7,000 and for a wooden swimming lane 10 to 12 m long you have to pay between 12 000 and 15,000 €. Added to this, of course, is the cost of the earthworks, which varies according to the size of the hole. It is at least €2,000.

Create a dream bathing area: request quotes

The wooden swimming pool or the perfectly laid out semi-buried wooden swimming lane are spaces that can bring real plus-value at home. The semi-buried formula is in any case a solution that still remains affordable compared to an in-ground pool.

It lends itself to making magnificent amenities such as coping, terrace or swimming pool deck to accommodate garden furniture, green spaces, small access paths or even lights and beacons highlighting the swimming area at nightfall. Be careful, however, to take care to plant trees or shrubs at a sufficient distance from the swimming pool in order to limit the shade on the pool and that the water is not soiled by leaves.

Be that as it may, with a little imagination, the semi-buried wooden swimming pool and the swimming lane have nothing to envy to a large hard pool if sufficient care is taken in the bathing area decoration. But you should know that the more amenities are sophisticatedthe more the budget to devote to it increases.

It is essential to think carefully about your swimming pool project and its surroundings before request quotes through a wooden swimming pool comparator in order to study services and prices. It is quite possible to afford a tailor-made semi-buried aquatic area. The chosen professional will go to the site because the configuration of the land, its elevation, the access conditions are also elements that count on the final cost of the operation. This is why prices are determined on a case-by-case basis.

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