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Renovating a house facade is a project whose budget is generally substantial. However, this work is essential to preserve the aesthetics of your home as well as its good insulation. A well-maintained facade requires little renovation work and will cost you much less to restore. Our experts give you their advice and help you estimate the budget you will need to plan for the renovation of the facade of your home.

Renovating the facade of your house: what are the advantages?

Renovating the facade of a house consists, depending on its condition, of repairing it, cleaning it and protecting the walls. The façade is permanently subjected to the attacks of pollution, climate variations, humidity and rain. Over time, it deteriorates, which can compromise the healthiness of your home.

A renovation can improve the aesthetics of a facade by getting rid of the dirt that clutters it. It has the advantage of preserving the integrity of the walls and optimizing the energy performance of a home by improving thermal and sound insulation and reducing damp rising and infiltration.

Facade renovation is an important and costly project, but it has the advantage of ensuring the durability of this particularly exposed part of the house.

A facelift must be carried out on average every 10 to 15 years. On the other hand, if the law imposes such work once a decade, this deadline is not systematically respected, because the walls are generally healthy and because this type of service is expensive for individuals, owners and tenants.

The preliminary diagnosis

Before embarking on the renovation, it is imperative that a diagnosis be carried out by a professional. He alone is able to identify the weaknesses and needs of the facade, in order to provide the appropriate responses. Indeed, he may recommend a simple cleaning if the facade is sound, or advise you against proceeding with a new application of paint without first repairing water infiltration, etc.

The different stages of facade renovation are as follows:

  • Surface cleaning.
  • Repairs of cracks and joints.
  • Wall treatment.
  • Finishes.
  • Long-lasting protection.

The diagnosis is therefore used to define the real needs of your house facade before proceeding with the actual renovation. Some of the steps will probably not be necessary depending on the condition of your facade.

What are the steps to take to restore the facade of his house?

When you renovate your house facade, you do not have all the freedoms. If you keep the current state of your home, this does not pose a problem. On the other hand, if you live in a classified sector or near a historic site or monument, you will be required to respect a certain design. The same goes for the aesthetic traditions applied by certain municipalities or regions. Renovation methods are also restricted; depending on your home, you may be forced to perform one technique rather than another.

Consult the PLU, or local urban plan of your municipality, available in town hall, in order to know your rights and possibilities. The town planning department will be responsible for checking that your application is correct and respects local regulations when you file your preliminary declaration of work at the town hall.

What budget should I plan for depending on the renovation work?

It is estimated that the average cost of a facade renovation varies between 30 and 100 euros per square meter. Material, supplies and installation included, count 50 to 200 euros. The wide price difference is justified by several criteria:

  • The condition of your façade: the more repairs it requires, the higher the bill will be.
  • The support: the treatments are different if it is brick, concrete block, stone or even wood.
  • The dimensions: the larger the surface of the facade, the higher the total price will be. On the other hand, the cost per square meter tends to decrease.
  • The materials, equipment and tools to be used.
  • The rates charged by the professional hired and the average charged in your region: while all service providers are free to apply their prices, quotes are generally higher in large cities and protected areas than in rural areas.

Do not hesitate to contact several professionals around you. Ask for detailed quotes showing you the precise cost of each stage of the renovation. You will be able to compare the offers with equal service in order to choose the one which presents the best quality/price ratio.

The cost of facade cleaning

Cleaning the facade may be sufficient when it is in good condition and regularly maintained. There are several cleaning techniques to meet the needs of different supports, more or less fragile, and to effectively remove dirt according to its nature. Count 10 to 70 euros per square meter depending on the technique used (high pressure washing, sandblasting, hydrogommage, etc.).

  • A wet cleaning, by high pressure, chemical cleaning or nebulization, will cost you 10 to 30 euros per square meter.
  • Dry cleaning, by peeling or sanding, costs approximately 15 to 30 euros per square meter.
  • Cleaning by projection of material, by sanding or scrubbing, is charged 20 to 70 euros per square meter on average.

Facade repair cost

After a good cleaning, the defects and weaknesses of the facade are clearly visible. Cracks, infiltrations, mould, etc. The diagnosis makes it possible to provide an appropriate response and to note the extent of the damage and whether it compromises the healthiness of the house.

There are several stages in the repair of a facade, one or more being generally sufficient depending on the condition:

  • The stripping of the current coating.
  • Filling cracks, repairing or replacing damaged elements. The repair of cracks and joints in the facade is charged 15 to 120 euros per square meter.
  • Application of a new bond coat.
  • The application of a new coating or plaster. Count 20 to 80 euros per square meter depending on the coating technique used.
  • The installation of a finishing paint for 20 to 45 euros per square meter. Count 15 to 35 euros per square meter in the case of a stain.

cost of facade insulation

The renovations of a facade make it possible to improve its insulation. Depending on the condition of your home, insulation may even be imposed on you. If this seems like a constraint to you, know that you will make significant savings in terms of energy expenditure and that you will gain in thermal and acoustic comfort. A significant advantage!

Three isolation methods are available to you:

  • Insulation by applying an insulating coating: this method is the most economical, but it remains the least effective. Count 60 to 80 euros per square meter, product and installation included.
  • Insulation by plaster panels: not very economical, but very aesthetic, this method preserves the appearance of the facade. Allow 120 to 200 euros per square meter.
  • Insulation by installing siding or veneer: wood, stone, PVC, metal or composite material, this technique allows you to better insulate your home while improving its aesthetics. Count 25 to 150 euros per square meter, installation and supply included.

Price of a protective treatment of a facade

The application of a protective treatment aims to prolong the life of your house facade.

  • The installation of a waterproofing agent to prevent infiltration costs on average 5 to 50 euros per square meter.
  • To protect your facade from mosses and lichens, you will be charged 20 to 100 euros per square meter for a specific treatment.

The cost of labor for a facade renovation

If you want to entrust the renovation of your facade to a professional, you must include the cost of labor. For the installation of the scaffolding and the preparation of the site, count 20 to 30% of your estimate. If you decide to rent and install scaffolding yourself, count 50 to 250 euros per day.

A professional facade designer invoices each hour of work between 25 and 45 euros excluding VAT.

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